My Minnesota Business Podcast – Episode 5

Diversity and Inclusion with Mohamed Alsadig

Hannah and Mohamed sit down in the studio to talk about diversity and inclusion in the small business community. What are some ways we can all take inventory of our own cultural competency and learn to listen to others?

Hannah Bretz Small Business Development Center Marketing Consultant

Mohamed Alsadig, Greater Mankato Diversity Council

Show notes in English

Hannah: Hello. Hello. This is Hannah. Brett’s the host of the My Minnesota Business podcast, and I am here today with a very special guest, a good friend of mine, and someone that I have worked with at the Small Business Development Center. So, Moe, welcome to the show.

Mohamed: Thank you, Hannah. Thank you for the invite. I’m happy to be here. I am so excited for this conversation.

Hannah: I know we’ve talked about it before in our coffee meetings and throughout our relationship over the last few years. But tell me, tell me your full title and what it is that you are working on right now. All right.

Mohamed: Well, I’m the newish executive director of the Greater and Greater Diversity Council. I’ve been in that role for about a year and a half now. And yeah, basically we focus on creating a welcoming and welcoming community in the area through education, whether it’s in the school districts, the schools, whether it’s in businesses or whatnot. So. So that’s that’s my current life. My previous life was consulting with the SBDC, as you know.

Hannah: Yes. So for those of you that may not know, we have a team here of professional consultants who all specialize in something when we’re working with our clients. My specialty has always been digital marketing. What would you say your specialty was when you were on our team here?

Mohamed: My specialty, I would say, was networking. So helping those who are trying to start businesses, especially the underserved communities in the area basically looking to start a business. My role was to help connect them with the resources that we have in the community and as well as connecting them with with other consultants like yourself. So so that’s among also helping them with their business plans as a start.

Hannah: So yeah, awesome. So you are like exactly the person that I want to talk to today about what we’re going to talk about. And I so appreciate you being here today because tomorrow’s kind of a big day for you, isn’t it?

Mohamed: Yes, it is. Tomorrow is we are celebrating the sixth annual Juneteenth official Juneteenth event. That’s, of course, as we all know now, it’s a federal holiday and it’s now. And so also, Governor Walz just signed the bill, basically making it an official Minnesota holiday. So that’s where you get a day off if you feel like, well, and a day off to celebrate something that’s very, very important, of course. Yeah.

Hannah: So can you share just a little bit about what Juneteenth is and what it means to the community? Juneteenth basically is a celebration of the proclamation Emancipation or Emancipation Proclamation Proclamation that was signed in 1886 or 87 by President Lincoln, basically declaring that all slaves are free. Of course, it took a long time for it to be implemented, but look at where we are right now.

Mohamed: So we now we do celebrate that every year, of course. And it’s part of the we try to make it a celebration, a happy celebration for everybody to be involved in and also to educate the public about the importance of of Juneteenth and what it means to a lot of people in this community and across the US. So that is definitely something to celebrate.

Hannah: Absolutely. It’s taken way too long for us to get to where we are.

Mohamed: It is. And I, you know, I you know, whenever whoever I talk to, I insist that it should be part of even early education for for the kids. It is an important piece of history that everybody should should know. You know, if you’re a U.S. citizen, if you were born here, these things you need to know basically.

Hannah: So, yeah. Wonderful. Okay. So I want to talk to you about some things that I think are very, very important in our line of work as consultants for the Small Business Development Center, something that I know we have tried to offer and something that we continue to strive to improve, that being making sure that we’re available to members of all communities and making sure that people know that we’re here to support them in starting a small business or getting support for a small business, no matter where they’re coming from or what culture they’re a part of. So you’re exactly who I want to talk to about this, because you were here in my shoes doing the same work that I was doing. But at speaking more directly and with more experience to people of underserved populations and and minority cultures. So what what would you tell to people who maybe don’t have English as a first language or who don’t have connections to the small business community in the same way that, say, a white person such as myself, that has knowledge of resources that are available? What’s some general guidance that you might give to someone who’s interested in starting a business but maybe doesn’t have that strong of a connection with resources like the SBDC?

Mohamed: I want to start by saying that Mankato has come a long way since I first came to the U.S.. I came for college in 96, so that’s 26 years ago, almost 27 years ago. And things have changed quite a bit in the past. I can’t say there were a lot of services available for those who either migrated or refugees that came into the area. But throughout the years, Mankato has proved itself as one of the best places in Minnesota, at least, that provide services for those the newcomers into the area, whether it’s international students, whether it’s immigrant families, refugees. So there are a lot of resources available in the community, whether it’s interpreting services, translation, education, health services and now US business development as well. So it’s just making the right connection and putting information out there that these services are available. And we’ve done we’ve done a decent job in the past. I want to say, as far as connecting and reaching out to these communities that are looking for service help with whether it’s starting a new business or if they’re in business, they want to grow. But there is always room for improvement. I know that. So I would say I always say we listen first to see what are the needs. We before we start thinking about what we need to provide, because we’re coming from our own perspective and we’re not doing enough listening honestly.

Hannah: So I would totally agree with that. In my experience, I have made the mistake of approaching approaching some of my clients from the perspective of a white woman who was born and raised in the United States. And I have seen how that has not been effective in helping my clients. For example, oftentimes one of my clients will come in and doesn’t speak English at all, and that person will bring in a family member, usually a younger family member who does speak English. And so all of a sudden a client meeting turns into a translating session as well. And another thing that I noticed was that my approach is, like you were saying, we’re coming at these these issues and these needs from different perspectives. My general approach with most my clients is here’s a checklist of things you need to do. And I’ve given checklists to clients who don’t speak English or immigrants or refugees, and they just look at me completely overwhelmed. Like, that’s not the way that they think. It’s not the way that they’re comfortable with working on their business. And that has been a really important lesson for me, is to meet people where they’re at, no matter what their background is. Because I might be a type-A checklist person, but not everybody that I work with is that way.

Mohamed: No, Absolutely. Absolutely. And, you know, I had I had to go through the same process of thinking just like you. You know, I consider one of myself one of the lucky ones. Basically. I grew up speaking English and Arabic. And when I came to college, it wasn’t an issue. And when I started doing the business consulting of, you know, I started thinking with my own perspective, basically, okay, everybody should, as you said, that checklist. Just give it to them and they should be ready for it. But then I had to slow down and put myself in their shoes, basically, and and just try to understand where they’re coming from and the hurdles and difficulties that they might have as far as understanding, okay, what what do I need to do here? Who should I connect with? Who should I call? So I started thinking about providing my own interpreters if I need to. So I got to find out first, connect with the client, find out where they’re from, whether it’s from Africa or Southern America or the Middle East, and then go out and find out the proper person to help me with the translation interpretation. So and with that, there are a lot of, you know, difficulties as well. If you are from South America, for example, which country things can be a little bit different if you are from Africa. We’re in Africa, even if you go country by country. Southern Sudan, for example, Southern Sudan has so many different languages, so they do speak different languages. So I can bring in somebody from a tribe that speaks, that doesn’t speak this. The client’s language. So. So I have to I had to create my own checklist before I start offering services. So that introduction phase first. So and everything you’re talking about, I’m just kind of thinking how much effort goes into meeting that client where they’re at.

Hannah: That’s, I think, something that I’ve had to come to terms with as well as, like you said, I have to slow down. I have to listen. It’s and I’m like, chop, chop, chop. Let’s let’s get it going. Like and that is I think that’s also very much an American trait. Mm hmm. Like, I’ve traveled a lot, and one thing that I’ve noticed that seems to be kind of a difference in culture that you notice right away is what does “on time” mean?

Mohamed: Oh, yeah.

Hannah: Because in the United States, if you say, let’s meet at 10 a.m., we’re there at 10 a.m. But in a lot of cultures, that means 10 a.m.-ish.

Mohamed: Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. Everybody’s relaxed. You know, with me, it’s right. The plan is to meet. It’s just to be more relaxed about it. And it will happen eventually.

Hannah: Right, Right.

Mohamed: Yeah. You know, the American culture is. You know, what I’ve learned is it’s a go, go, go all the time. And as you mentioned, being punctual is a big thing. But you bring in somebody from Africa or Europe or the Middle East, you know, especially in Africa, there’s there’s always that that joke African time. So African time means if you say ten, we’re talking about 1030 closer to 11 maybe. Right. So if I’m making an appointment with somebody, I always make sure that it’s special if somebody from the Middle East or Africa. And I always make sure I ask them to show up half an hour earlier. Okay. Just to give them time, you know, to show up on time, which is, you know, half an hour later, an American. Yeah. Yeah. So it’s always make sure that I’m aware of with a map of where of who I’m talking to.

Hannah: So I think African time sounds a lot like Chilean time. I went to a wedding in Chile and it was supposed to the ceremony was supposed to start at 5:00 at night. I think the bride showed up at 8:00.

Mohamed: Oh, yeah.

Hannah: And then, like the party started at ten and Grandma was still dancing at five in the morning. And I was just in in complete shock and exhausted. I didn’t know if I could make it through this wedding reception.

Mohamed: I know, I know. So, yeah, I guess it’s just being aware of your surroundings, I guess, and who you’re dealing with.That’s the main key.

Hannah: So, but yeah, as you said, slowing down. You’ll see a lot of things. You’ll see a lot of respect. Different perspective. So, yeah, this kind of brings me into another thought process here. One thing that I’ve noticed that bothers me a lot, no matter what capacity I’m working in as a business owner and as a consultant is, there are a lot of programs and services out there that offer consulting for groups of people, and I think that can be very helpful in that we’re bringing multiple people from a similar background into the room where maybe they’ll feel more comfortable because they’re surrounded by their community, which is great. And it really bothers me when the people that are assisting or providing guidance or speaking at those group events are all white.

Mohamed: Mm hmm. Mm hmm.

Hannah: And that’s something that I think we really struggle with here in Southern Minnesota is – it’s great if we can get people to come to the table. Yeah. Yeah. But if. If someone who’s helping educate and assisting in business growth, if there’s no one that looks like that community helping with the instruction part of it, I think that’s a gap that we really need to bridge.

Mohamed: Yes. No, absolutely. You’re absolutely right. So, yeah, I mentioned earlier that, you know, we’ve come a long way and there’s still work to be done. And it’s a matter of recognizing these needs. I mean, I know there have been a lot of talks about that, who’s presenting. Do I look like them? Do they look like me? Where is that first hurdle is? Are they comfortable enough in front of me? Right. Different cultures bringing their own hurdles, challenges. So I guess doing the homework is key. First, where you speak in front of and maybe we start with recruiting consultants that might, you know, that represent the community. So we need to look at the demographics that we have and then start recruiting, whether it’s from different business centers, different from the college. If we have business students that going into business maybe start recruiting. That’s another way of actually we started talking about this as well, part of our retention attempt. So if we want the students to graduate from MSU, for example, and we want to keep them here, what are we going to provide for them? What what’s going to be attractive for them to stay and serve?

Hannah: Right. So are you thinking like job opportunities, that kind of thing.

Mohamed: Job opportunities, even if they are in college the third year or so, that, you know, they need the experience. So how can we provide that for them? Sure. Right. It’s good for their resumes, for their experience, for their learning as well. So if we can find those who already graduated college and have business experience in the area.So you go on to the next best thing. Right. So so there are so many ways we can tackle this. It’s just a matter of sitting down, recognizing them or recognizing those challenges and and start working on it right away. Not not necessarily. Say, all right, let’s let’s let’s come back and talk about this later on. Right now, we need to hit it when it’s when it’s hard, when it’s when it’s hot.

Hannah: Right. So I wonder, too, if that would help with one other thing that I’ve noticed, which is a lot of the clients that I see as a business consultant, they find out about us through word of mouth. Mm hmm. Right. That it seems like someone that I’ve worked with will bring someone else to the table when they’re ready to start a business. Do you see that, too, In. In your work right now?

Mohamed: Yes. Of when I was dealing with clients, I want to say 70, 80% of of the clients that I dealt with, whether they’re there were either family, friends or family members. And they you know, I’m dealing with this person and they talk to the next person and say, hey, I’m getting help from this particular person at SBDC and this is what they’re doing with me, this is what they’re helping me with and it’s free. So why don’t you get a hold of them? So yes, so I think your comment, I think do we need to do more as far as marketing? I believe so. That is a question.

Hannah: Yeah. I’ve been thinking about that a lot because there does seem to be, I mean, when we look at percentages of, of clients that reach out to us, you know, that tends to be a majority white Caucasian population.

Mohamed: So how can we improve on that? How can we create those gateways, those opportunities for communication and knowledge sharing? Yeah, it’s marketing and how you do market and your you do marketing and you know that on the good days and the good days. So yeah, I guess recognizing what’s missing and what’s needed and, and, and just doing it honestly, if it’s, a different language, you know, your website should be the first thing to you start working on. So if it’s in a different language, you start recognizing how many languages are spoken in Mankato. That’s, that’s that’s the first step. And then you have data, you have surveys, you have you can use the the census as well to get that data and you start working on it, providing different languages for your website. If you do that, there are tools out there that.

Hannah: Oh, absolutely. Yeah. Yeah.

Mohamed: You know, if you have literature to distribute, are they just in English? Are the two most common languages or are you incorporating other other languages that are spoken in the area? I know it can be a long list, but recognizing the most common languages through your surveys and SBDC’s nationwide that can fill those surveys and see how many clients are approaching SBDC centers across Minnesota basically so and start printing out those pamphlets or literature basically for area that you live in. So yeah, there are so many different tools and now you have your, your podcast. So I don’t know if we’re going to have a closed captioning.

Hannah: Yeah. Yeah. That’s, that’s down the road maybe. That’s, that’s a great idea. Actually I’ve been talking about my making our next season a video podcast. Oh, okay. Where we could, we could definitely do closed captioning, but really there’s no reason with technology that’s available. I could transcribe the audio from this podcast and then turn it into a text on the website that that is in different languages.

Mohamed: No, absolutely. Absolutely. We’re there. I mean, we have the technology to do it, so why not? It certainly makes things easier, doesn’t it? But one of the main things that I think that, that maybe the SBDC might want to focus on is connecting with all non-profits in the area and, you know, see how many, how many different groups they’re connected with and then creating that network through those non-profits. You know, the YWCA locally, you’re talking about Mankato Area Foundation, United Way, Diversity Council, recognizing those nonprofit organizations and how they’re connected to the community. And then through that, basically have conversations about how can you connect us to the groups that you’re connected with and talk about the services that we provide here. It’s free marketing. It’s free.

Hannah: Right. We like free.

Mohamed: So. So why not?

Hannah: One one thing that or one partnership that’s been really wonderful is Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation that does a program called the Prosperity Initiative. And we share a lot of clients with SMIF. Yeah. Just yesterday, I was asked by a fellow SBDC consultant if I could consult with a client of the Prosperity Initiative on building a website. Okay. Yeah. So being able to build those bridges, like you said, is just another way that we can help the community. And, you know, all these things that we’re talking about. It’s also great for small business owners to know about, to be more inclusive in their employment. Yeah, to be more inclusive of their customers and their clients.

Mohamed: Yes.

Hannah: These are all things I think we can improve upon. Like you said, there’s there’s always room for improvement.

Mohamed: Always. Always. Things are changing and you just got to keep up with the changes and adapt and see what works best for you.

Hannah: Right. So yeah, I want to make sure that we highlight something or talk about something that has always stuck with me from your work as a consultant here, something that I had never considered, but that ended up being a really great example of ways that the SBDC was able to pivot to serve our clients, and that was through your spearheading of the issue of bank loans.

Mohamed: Oh, yes.

Hannah: Can you talk a little bit about about that situation?

Mohamed: So one of the main issues, and especially in Mankato, for example, I’m going to only speak for Mankato because I live here, so and sort of Minnesota is not everybody is comfortable with taking a traditional loan, for example, whether it’s for cultural reasons or religious reasons. Even sometimes, if a business prospect does not have the proper credit history or or credit or a good credit history, for example, there are new to this to the US, there would always face the challenges of starting their own businesses because of that one big hurdle. So what are the options out there for them? And I call it the nontraditional lending system, which meets some of their religious needs and some of the cultural needs, as well as credit history needs. It’s been successful in different countries. It’s been successful in the U.S. and different in big cities. So, for example, one of the main issues is paying interest on a loan. So some religious groups are not comfortable with that because it’s against their religion, which is it’s usury in a sense. It is called usury. So paying interest on a business loan or any loan to begin with. But so what are their options to save up money to start their business that’s going to take them a long time or connect with family members and collect that money. And everybody is has a piece of that business. Some of them run out of options and they give up basically because they there’s nothing available for them. So and I’ve done of them my research. A lot of banks in New York, Chicago, the big cities basically do recognize that issue. And they started providing nontraditional lending, which is I mean, that was a while ago. But I might be close to closer to three, four, $5 billion industry right now, the traditional lending. And it involves a lot of things, whether it’s if you’re buying a car, whether it’s buying a house, financing a house or starting a business. So now you open up the market for a lot of those who are looking to be their own bosses, start their own businesses or buy a house, they can afford it, buy a car, they can afford it. Some of them work double, you know, two jobs, three jobs. They can afford the payments. It’s just they’re not comfortable with paying the interest. So how can we get around that? So I put a call for, you know, financial institutions in the in the area, basically to start possibly exploring that. And of course, I didn’t get anywhere. That’s because we’re very ingrained and interested and utterly. Yes. And that’s I and, you know, I come to find out that it’s that FDIC, they what was it they said? All banks have to charge interest. Mm hmm. So that’s a problem, of course. So but other banks, as I said, some banks got around that. And I have the documentation on how they did it. And still I didn’t have any takers. So the other option is finding angel investors, possibly finding smaller, nontraditional lending systems to help those who are looking to start businesses, basically with their finances. So I I’m still hoping that we can get that going somehow. I’ve had interest from groups that there were willing to provide that financial support. It’s just I still did not have the right people to help me with that. So that’s a that’s a big disadvantage.

Hannah: I imagine, because unfortunately, funding is such an important part. Funding and cash flow is such an important part of being a business owner. And when you don’t have access to that, what a huge disadvantage that is.

Mohamed: Yeah, and as I said, it’s a huge industry. Even those who might have might not have religious restrictions or or traditional restrictions, they went with the nontraditional funding because they don’t have to pay interest on their loans. So it’s more attractive to them. Sure. You can call it, you know, a loan fee or whatever you want to call it. But when once those loans there’s the interest starts to stack up. That’s that creates a challenge on itself.

Hannah: Sure. Right. So how can we get around that?

Mohamed: We still have work to do. We have a lot of work to do. So but I’m hopeful that is going to come around to it once. You know, maybe in a couple of years after I settle down in my position. So.

Hannah: Right. Yeah. Well, I hope that us having this discussion on this podcast will help kind of spread awareness for that issue. Because when you and I were talking about it a couple of years ago, it was never something that I had any knowledge of or even understood that it was a problem. So I think the more we can talk about it, make sure people understand like these are huge barriers to people becoming business owners.

Mohamed: It is. So, yeah, I hope so too. I always I tried to stay optimistic as much as I can, so.

Hannah: Yeah, I want to talk a little bit about IDI. And because you’re a certified IDI facilitator. So I have clients who are also certified in IDI, and I have worked with consultants or service providers who help with the HR part of small businesses to or just going in to small businesses and educating staff and employees on cultural competency and how important that is to engage and make sure we’re creating opportunities for diverse customers and clientele and making sure they’re comfortable. So can you talk a little bit about IDI and what cultural competency is and how small businesses might might consider bringing in an idea consultant or a facilitator to help them out?

Mohamed: Yeah. So IDI is just a tool basically to help individuals or groups to recognize where they come up short as far as understanding of the cultures, for example, other demographics. You know, one of the work that some of the work that I do is going into businesses or government agencies and talk about our biases, our implicit biases that we all have cultural competency that that dealing with different cultures and the struggles and the challenges that we face because of us not understanding where another person’s coming from. And when we talk about culture or diversity, you know, I always remind everybody that diversity does not necessarily mean just somebody from a different culture or black and white. Diversity comes in so many different forms. But we need to recognize these differences. You know, if a senior person is talking to a young person that you’re talking to a different diversity, you’re talking different culture right there. They’re speaking totally different languages. Absolutely. 100%. If you’re talking to somebody from a different background. So somebody from Mankato talking to somebody from the Middle East or or Africa, you know, that’s different cultures. Of course, even within the U.S., you’re somebody from Minnesota talking to somebody from down south. Totally different culture. Mm hmm. So how can we recognize these things, the differences? How can we become more accommodating and more understanding, how we can build up that tolerance to the differences?

Hannah: Right. Well, you were talking about different kinds of diversity. I was thinking to like gender and pronouns.

Mohamed: Gender and pronouns, of course. Right.

Hannah: How do you want to be addressed? Or what’s your gender? What is your how can someone make you feel comfortable where you’re at and how can we, like you said, overcome our implicit bias or, our perspective, and make sure we’re listening to what other people are saying about where they’re at or where they’re coming from.

Mohamed: Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. And just just, uh, yeah, there’s so many, so many things to it that if we don’t educate ourselves, take the time to understand. And again, it’s I mentioned earlier the part of slowing down. If you don’t slow down and you look at the bigger picture, then other than rather than looking at it from your own perspective and because we all have those blind sides physically that we don’t see. So, so taking the time to understand that and that’s what I go in and help people slow down and look at it from somebody else’s perspective, not just their own. So, yeah, so again, a lot of work to be done on that on that front. But as demographics are changing different cultures, growing different groups, I believe we’re making the change. There are challenges. A lot of pushback, but we are on the right track. So just I’ve talked to so many people that came to me after the my trainings and they asked me or tell me basically that I’ve changed the way they think about things and look at things because I have them slow down. I can tell you that after going through an IDI training, it completely changed my perspective and made me realize that I had a lot of work to do and it requires a level of vulnerability.

Hannah: Oh yes, 100%. Yeah.

Mohamed: And it’s and it also helped me understand some of what we’ve been talking about before that that other people have challenges in everyday living, but also in starting businesses and making sure that that I can do whatever I can to help bridge those barriers, fill those gaps.

Hannah: Yeah. IDI, I really changed my perspective and it, it got me – that was actually one of the impetus moments of me realizing that I just needed to shut up and slow down and like, I don’t know everything. And I am very American. I show up on, on time. And, you know, the people I work with don’t necessarily have that culture. And I need to listen to make sure that I’m helping them as much as I can. Yeah.

Mohamed: Yeah. And to those who might not know what IDI is Intercultural Development Inventory. So basically you’re taking inventory for your own self or a group through a bunch of, you know, questions that you answer. And the assessor basically takes those answers and assesses your answers and come back with a plan for development. So it can be a little bit harsh on some people. Very uncomfortable for some people I’ve had that I’ve had people say we hated it and I understand, totally understand. You know, when I took it myself, I did not agree with, I want to say 40% of it because of because I know myself and my upbringing. So it was hard for me to learn some of that stuff. But in time, of course, you you start working on yourself and you start recognizing your your blindsides, right? And you start working on things. So nobody’s perfect. Nobody’s perfect. There’s always something that we don’t see that we need to work on. And it helps those those practices basically help with identifying that. So so we just need to be open to experiences, that’s all.

Hannah: And there is no perfect score.

Mohamed: There’s no perfect score.

Hannah: None of us are going to get 100% on that test.

Mohamed: No, unless you’ve been working on yourself since you became aware. Yeah. No, no, there’s no 100%.

Hannah: I think I was pretty disappointed in my results when I took the assessment. I was like, wait a second. I’m way more open minded than this, right? I had a lot of work to do. I still have a lot of work to do, but I think it’s crucial to start somewhere.

Mohamed: Yes, right. And just be aware of those things and constantly try to increase your cultural competency and as time goes on.

Hannah: But I know I’m going to be working on this for the rest of my life.

Mohamed: True. And for somebody who does that on a daily basis, I’m always catching myself trying to understand something or learn something. Or if I miss something, I always take inventory of my day at the end of the day, who I spoke with, how I dealt with them, what I thought about something, or if it’s something that caught me off guard, how did I feel about it? How did I think of it? So I’m always taking an inventory of my own self.

Hannah: That’s that’s such good advice. And I hope that more of us, as time goes on, practice that.

Mohamed: Yeah, right. It’s like daily affirmations, but at the end of the day, right. So yeah, I tell, I tell everybody before you go to bed, put your electronics away and start thinking about today. And that’s how you do kind of take, take an inventory of your day. So but once yeah, if you’re on your phone or your laptop and looking at videos or reading something you want, you won’t recognize this, these are your experiences throughout the day, you will not recognize that. So.

Hannah: So, yeah. All right. I have a new bedtime routine. I’m guilty of the device situation. We all. Yeah, TikTok.

Mohamed: Well, see, that’s why I don’t have TikTok. I don’t have Facebook on my phone. I don’t have any of that. The social media stuff on my phone. I just. I refuse to do so because I have things that I need. I need to work on myself, so I don’t need to be sidetracked.

Hannah: I’m going to use the excuse of being a digital marketer for having to spend hours on TikTok.

Mohamed: That’s true. Well, just put it on your calendar. You know, set an hour or two in your day to do that. Research, research, research. I guess organizing yourself better know just put it on your calendar saying I’m going to allocate an hour or two of social media, and after that I’m done.

Hannah: I’ll work on that. All right. I’m making no promises. Okay. Before we go and I can edit this out if you want me to, but you have an amazing radio voice. But okay, so tell me why. Tell tell our audience why is your radio voice so perfected?

Mohamed: Well, I can’t say it’s perfect. I guess it just happened. Or maybe it’s not against. Well, okay. All right. That’s a lie. I can’t do anything about the voice. Of course it’s natural. It’s the way it is. And I think I know what you’re trying to get to. So I have my own radio show in town for the last almost 20 years now. But I grew up listening to radio. I love radio, I grew up listening to different radio personalities, basically. And most of them were the the genre called The Quiet Storm, which is the name of my radio show. And it’s on KMSU. It’s on KMSU. So and they’ve always sounded like they they’re just like, you know, laid back. No worries. The slow down and I use the word down and everything. Yeah. You know, they slow down for the hour or two when they’re doing their shows basically. And you become immersed, you know, in the music, you become immersed and what they’re talking about. So I guess I picked up that. So I promised myself that, you know, when I when I get a chance, I’m going to start my own radio station, not just a show. I’m going to start my own radio station and just have that kind of show kind of music throughout the day because people are going, going, going and they forget to slow down, take a minute. So that’s that’s kind of that’s why people say, tell me you you’re not that same host on campus. I’ll tell them, yes, I am. Because they think that I’m, you know, 300 lbs., I’m always sweating, and I’m just you know, I have somebody said you have candles lit.

Hannah: I’m envisioning it now.

Mohamed: That’s what what what one person in particular. And we became friends after that. That’s how they imagined me. And when they saw me, they’re like, you can’t be that person like I am. You’re not what they expect. Yeah, yeah. So, but anyway, so. So the voice, I guess it came. It wasn’t natural. There’s nothing that I can do about it. But when I’m front of the mic, that’s why I say I have a face for radio. I’ve heard that before. So in front of the mic I think it’s just a automatic trigger that helps me slow down. So that’s probably why. So as a constant over talker, I think I could, I could learn from your example and you were telling me before we started recording about your your secret for making sure your voice is healthy.

Hannah: What’s that secret?

Mohamed: Yeah, I was going to come back to that, but I wanted to tell the audience that how much you yourself have a beautiful voice.

Hannah: Oh, so thanks. So, yeah, so I should. I know.

Mohamed: All right. Until I get permission to say it, But I won’t say it. But one of the secrets, natural secrets, is using anise seed. So boiling anise seed and drinking it before performing. If you’re going to do radio, if you’re going to sing, those who are in choir, it’s a net. It’s a natural home remedy that you can use. And it helps loosen up your vocal cords, basically. And it acts like a lubricant for your throat.

Hannah: So that’s such good advice. And as we were talking about this, for those of you who don’t know and what Mo is alluding to is that I’m actually a jazz singer.

Mohamed: Okay. Yeah, there you go.

Hannah: Cat’s out of the bag and so I’ve been studying and working with vocal coaches for decades, and not one says anyone recommended anise seed to me for making sure my voice is healthy and sounds good. And so I’m going to go home and make myself some anise seed and give it a try.

Mohamed: Yeah. Yeah. What’s your what’s your ritual when you perform?

Hannah: So it varies from vocalist to vocalist generally. Okay. But I try to stay away from dairy products. Okay, Because that will make you congested and my one of my coaches always used to get after me for the caffeine intake. Oh, okay. Don’t drink coffee. That’s not happening. Sorry, I’m addicted. But making sure you’re hydrated.

Mohamed: Yep. Yep.

Hannah: And before I came into the studio this morning, I have a playlist on my Apple Music of warmups. So in the shower or when I’m driving, I do “mah mah mah mah mah mah maaahhh…” And it helps. Even if you aren’t singing or performing, it’s it really helps make your voice stronger, more clear. And for me, it helps me feel more confident. But other than that, my other rule is I don’t eat before I sing. Because no one wants to hear you make stomach noises into a microphone and you need to be able to breathe. And so making sure you have that space.

Mohamed: Stay light, right? Stay light. Yeah.

Hannah: So we’ll see how much of this conversation makes it into the podcast. But you have it here from a professional radio host. Tips and tricks for having a wonderful voice on your next podcast episode. Give it a try, you know. All right. Well, thank you so much, Mo. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that you were able to join me here in the studio today. I hope our audience is taking a lot away from our conversation and thinking more about whether they’re small business owners or people who help small businesses, different ways to think and hopefully we can all work on ourselves and improve the way we help each other. So thank you so much.

Mohamed: Oh, thank you for the invite. I really appreciate it. And I’m glad that I’m here. I get to see you. Yeah. And I get I get to talk about my, you know, my community. Thank you. Because I love this community. And there’s I always believe there’s a lot of work to be done there. But we are on the right track. And I love helping people. And that’s that’s the whole thing. So thank you for having me. I really appreciate it. It’s been fun. Hopefully I can come back again and talk about different things.

Hannah: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Okay. So give me the Greater Market of Diversity Council’s website address. Okay, so our website is Okay. That’s, that’s, that’s how you can get to us so reach out.

Hannah: Okay. I love it. Well thanks again. And you have a wonderful Juneteenth celebration and I hope all the festivities go very well for you.

Mohamed: I hope so as well as well. And the weather is going to be nice. So I look forward to it.

Hannah: That’s half the battle.

Mohamed: Exactly. So. All right. Thank you.

Hannah: Thank you. It’s been a pleasure.


Show notes in Spanish

Hannah: haye. Hello. Tani waa Hannah. Brett waa marti-geliyaha My Business podcast-ka Minnesota, waxaanan maanta la joogaa marti aad u khaas ah, saaxiib fiican oo aniga ah, iyo qof aan kala soo shaqeeyay Xarunta Horumarinta Ganacsiga Yaryar. Haddaba, Moe, ku soo dhawoow bandhigga.

Maxamed: Mahadsanid, Hannah. Waad ku mahadsan tahay martiqaadka. Waan ku faraxsanahay inaan halkaan joogo Aad ayaan ugu faraxsanahay wada hadalkan.

Hannah: Waan ogahay in aan horay uga hadalnay kulamadii qaxwaha iyo xiriirkeena dhowrkii sano ee la soo dhaafay. Laakiin ii sheeg, ii sheeg cinwaankaaga oo buuxa iyo waxa uu yahay waxa aad hadda ku shaqaynayso. Waa hagaag.

Maxamed: Hagaag, waxaan ahay agaasimaha fulinta ee cusub ee Golaha Kala duwanaanta Weyn iyo Weyn. Waxaan doorkaas ku jiray ilaa sannad iyo badh hadda. Haa, asal ahaan waxaan diiradda saareynaa abuurista bulsho soo dhaweyn iyo soo dhaweyn leh oo degaanka ah iyada oo loo marayo waxbarashada, hadday tahay dugsiyada degmada, dugsiyada, hadday tahay ganacsiyo ama waxa kale. Markaa. Markaa taasi waa noloshayda hadda. Nolosheydii hore waxay la tashatay SBDC, sida aad ogtahay.

Hannah: Haa. Markaa kuwiina oo laga yaabo inaadan garanayn, waxaanu halkan ku leenahay koox la-taliyayaal xirfad leh oo dhamaantood ku takhasusay shay marka aanu la shaqaynayno macaamiisheena. Takhasuskaygu wuxuu had iyo jeer ahaa suuqgeyn dhijitaal ah. Maxaad odhan lahayd takhasuskaagu wuxuu ahaa markaad halkan joogtay kooxdayada?

Maxamed: Takhasuskaygu, waxaan odhan karaa, waxay ahayd isku xidhid. Markaa caawinta kuwa isku dayaya inay ganacsi bilaabaan, gaar ahaan bulshooyinka aan adeegsanayn ee aagga asal ahaan raadinaya inay ganacsi bilaabaan. Doorkeygu wuxuu ahaa inaan ka caawiyo isku xirka kheyraadka aan ku leenahay bulshada iyo sidoo kale inaan ku xiro la taliyayaasha kale ee adiga oo kale ah. Markaa taasi waxay ka mid tahay ka caawinta qorshahooda ganacsi bilow ahaan.

Hannah: Haa, cajiib. Markaa waxaad tahay sida saxda ah qofka aan rabo inaan maanta kala hadlo waxa aan ka hadli doono. Oo aad baan kuugu mahad naqayaa inaad maanta halkan joogtid sababtoo ah berri ayaa maalin kugu weyn, miyaanay ahayn?

Maxamed: Haa, waa. Berrito waxa aanu u dabaal dagaynaa dhacdada Juneteenth ee rasmiga ah ee Juneteenth sanadlaha lixaad. Taasi waa, dabcan, sida aan wada ognahay hadda, waa fasax federaal ah oo hadda. Sidoo kale, Guddoomiye Walz ayaa hadda saxiixay sharciga, isaga oo asal ahaan ka dhigaya fasax rasmi ah oo Minnesota ah. Markaa waa meesha aad ka heli karto maalin fasax ah haddii aad dareento, si fiican, iyo maalin fasax ah si aad u dabaaldegto wax aad iyo aad muhiim u ah, dabcan. Haa.

Hannah: Haddaba ma la wadaagi kartaa wax yar oo ku saabsan waxa uu yahay Juneteenth iyo macnaha ay bulshada u leedahay? Juneteenth asal ahaan waa dabbaaldegga ku dhawaaqista Xoraynta ama ku dhawaaqida Xoraynta ee uu saxeexay 1886 ama 87 Madaxweyne Lincoln, asal ahaan ku dhawaaqay in dhammaan addoomadu ay xor yihiin. Dabcan, in la hirgeliyo muddo dheer ayay qaadatay, balse bal eeg halka aan hadda joogno.

Maxamed: Markaa hadda waanu u dabbaal-deggaa sannad walba, dabcan. Waana qayb ka mid ah kuwa aan isku dayno in aan ka dhigno dabbaaldegga, dabbaaldegga farxadda leh ee qof kastaa ka qayb qaato iyo sidoo kale in aan bulshada ku wacyigelinno muhiimadda Juneteenth iyo waxa ay uga dhigan tahay dad badan oo bulshadan ah iyo guud ahaan Maraykanka. . Markaa taasi hubaal waa wax loo dabaaldego.

Hannah: Hubaal. Waqti aad u dheer ayay nagu qaadatay inaan gaarno meesha aan joogno.

Maxamed: waaye. Aniguna, waad ogtahay, waan ogahay, mar kasta oo aan la hadlo, waxaan ku adkaystaa inay qayb ka noqoto xitaa waxbarashada hore ee carruurta. Waa qayb muhiim ah oo taariikhi ah oo ay tahay in qof kastaa ogaado. Waad ogtahay, haddii aad tahay muwaadin Maraykan ah, haddii aad halkan ku dhalatay, waxyaalahan waxaad u baahan tahay inaad ogaato asal ahaan.

Hannah: Haa, haa. Cajiib. Waayahay Markaa waxaan rabaa in aan kaala hadlo waxyaabo aan isleeyahay waa kuwo aad iyo aad muhiim ugu ah shaqadayada lataliye ee Xarunta Horumarinta Ganacsiga Yaryar, wax aan ogahay in aan isku daynay in aan soo bandhigno iyo wax aan ku dadaaleyno in aan horumarino. , in la hubiyo in aan diyaar u nahay dhammaan xubnaha bulshada iyo in aan hubinno in dadku ogaadaan in aan halkan u joogno in aan ka taageerno sidii ay u bilaabi lahaayeen ganacsi yar ama ay u heli lahaayeen taageero ganacsi yar, meel kasta oo ay ka yimaadaan ama dhaqanka ay ka tirsan yihiin. Markaa adigu waxaad tahay qofka aan doonayo inaan arrintan kala hadlo, sababtoo ah waxaad halkan kabahayga ku jirtay oo aad samaynaysay isla shaqadii aan qabanayay. Laakin marka aad si toos ah iyo khibrad dheeraad ah ula hadasho dadka aan loo adeegin iyo dhaqamada laga tirada badan yahay. Haddaba maxaad u sheegi lahayd dadka laga yaabo in aanay af-Ingiriisi afkoodii hooyo ahayn ama aan xidhiidh la lahayn ganacsatada yar yar si la mid ah, waxaad tidhaahdaa, qof cad oo aniga oo kale ah, oo aqoon u leh. khayraadka la heli karo? Waa maxay hagitaan guud oo laga yaabo inaad siiso qof xiisaynaya inuu ganacsi bilaabo laakiin laga yaabo inaanu lahayn xidhiidhkaas xoogan ee ilaha sida SBDC?

Maxamed: Waxaan rabaa in aan ku bilaabo in Mankato ay soo martay waddo dheer tan iyo markii aan imid Maraykanka. Waxaan u imid kulliyadda 96, markaa taasi waa 26 sano ka hor, ku dhawaad 27 sano ka hor. Arrimuhuna wax yar bay iska beddeleen wakhti hore. Ma odhan karo waxaa jiray adeegyo badan oo ay heli jireen dadka soo hayaamay ama qaxootiga soo galay deegaanka. Laakin sanadaha oo dhan, Mankato waxa ay isu cadeeysay in ay tahay mid ka mid ah meelaha ugu wanaagsan Minnesota, ugu yaraan, ee bixisa adeegyada kuwa ku cusub aagga, hadday tahay ardayda caalamiga ah, hadday tahay qoysaska soogalootiga ah, qaxootiga. Markaa waxaa jira ilo badan oo laga heli karo bulshada, hadday tahay adeegyada tarjumaada, tarjumaada, waxbarashada, adeegyada caafimaadka iyo sidoo kale horumarinta ganacsiga Maraykanka. Markaa waxa kaliya oo ay samaynaysaa isku xidhka saxda ah iyo in macluumaadka la soo saaro in adeegyadan la heli karo. Anaguna waxaanu qabanay shaqo hufan oo hore ayaanu u qabanay. Waxaan rabaa in aan sheego, ilaa isku xirka iyo gaarsiinta bulshooyinkan raadinaya adeeg caawinta haddii ay bilaabayaan ganacsi cusub ama haddii ay ku jiraan ganacsi, waxay rabaan inay koraan. Laakiin had iyo jeer waxaa jira meel lagu hagaajin karo. Waan ogahay taas. Markaa waxaan odhan lahaa had iyo jeer waxaan odhan lahaa waanu dhagaysanayna marka hore si aanu u aragno baahiyaha jira. Annagu ka hor inta aynaan bilaabin ka fikirida waxa aan u baahanahay in aan bixino, sababtoo ah waxaynu ka nimid aragtideena mana samaynayno dhegaysi ku filan si daacad ah.

Hannah: Markaa anigu taas gebi ahaanba waan ku raacsanahay. Waayo-aragnimadayda, waxaan sameeyay khalad ah inaan u dhawaado qaar ka mid ah macaamiisheyda xagga aragtida haweeney caddaan ah oo ku dhalatay kuna kortay Mareykanka. Oo waxaan arkay sida aanay taasi waxtar ugu yeelan caawinta macaamiishayda. Tusaale ahaan, marar badan mid ka mid ah macaamiishaydu wuu iman doonaa oo kuma hadlo Ingiriis, qofkaasi wuxuu keenayaa xubin qoyska ka mid ah, sida caadiga ah xubin ka yar qoyska oo ku hadla Ingiriisiga . Oo sidaas darteed si lama filaan ah kulanka macmiilku wuxuu sidoo kale isu beddelaa fadhi tarjumaad ah. Mid kale oo aan ogaaday ayaa ah in sidaad sheegtay ay tahay arrimahan iyo baahiyahaas oo dhinacyo kala duwan laga eegayo. Habkayga guud ee macaamiishayda badankoodu waa halkan liiska hubinta waxyaabaha aad u baahan tahay inaad samayso. Oo waxaan siiyey liiska hubinta macaamiisha aan ku hadlin Ingiriisi ama muhaajiriinta ama qaxootiga, oo kaliya waxay i eegayaan gebi ahaanba murugo. Sida, taasi maaha sida ay u malaynayaan. Ma ahan habka ay ugu qanacsan yihiin ka shaqeynta ganacsigooda. Taasina runtii waxay ii ahayd cashar muhiim ah, waa in aan la kulmo dadka meesha ay joogaan, iyada oo aan loo eegin asalka ay ka soo jeedaan. Sababtoo ah waxaan noqon karaa nooca-A qof liiska hubinta, laakiin qof kasta oo aan la shaqeeyo maaha sidaas.

Maxamed: Maya, runtii. Dhab ahaantii. Oo, waad ogtahay, waxaan lahaa inaan maro hab isku mid ah oo u fikirida adiga oo kale. Waad ogtahay, waxaan u arkaa mid naftayda ka mid ah kuwa nasiib badan. Asal ahaan. Waxaan ku koray ku hadalka Ingiriisi iyo Carabi. Oo markii aan imid kulliyadda, ma ahayn arrin. Oo markii aan bilaabay samaynta la-talinta ganacsiga ee, waad ogtahay, waxaan bilaabay inaan ka fikiro aragtidayda, asal ahaan, okay, qof walba waa inuu, sidaad sheegtay, liiska hubinta. Kaliya sii iyaga oo waa inay diyaar u ahaadaan. Laakin markaas waa in aan gaabiyaa oo aan naftayda geliyo kabaha, asal ahaan, oo aan isku dayo in aan fahmo halka ay ka imanayaan iyo caqabadaha iyo dhibaatooyinka ay ka heli karaan ilaa fahamka, okay, maxaan u baahanahay inaan sameeyo. halkan ka samee? Yaan la xidhiidhaa? Yaan wacaa? Markaa waxaan bilaabay inaan ka fikiro inaan bixiyo turjubaano ii gaar ah haddii aan u baahdo. Markaa waxaan helay marka hore, inaan la xidho macmiilka, ogaado halka ay ka yimaadeen, inay tahay Afrika ama Koonfurta Ameerika ama Bariga Dhexe, ka dibna aan baxo oo aan ogaado qofka ku habboon inuu iga caawiyo tarjumaadda tarjumaadda. . Sidaas iyo taas, waxaa jira wax badan, aad ogtahay, dhibaatooyin sidoo kale. Haddii aad ka timid Koonfurta Ameerika, tusaale ahaan, waddankee wax ka yara duwanaan karaan haddii aad ka timid Afrika. Waxaan joognaa Afrika, xitaa haddii aad u tagto waddan waddan. Koonfurta Suudaan, tusaale ahaan, Koonfurta Suudaan waxay leedahay luqado badan oo kala duwan, sidaas darteed waxay ku hadlaan luqado kala duwan. Markaa waxaan keeni karaa qof qabiil ah oo hadlaya oo aan sidan ku hadlin. Luqada macmiilka. Markaa. Markaa waa inaan samaystaa liiska hubinta ka hor intaanan bilaabin bixinta adeegyada. Markaa wejiga hordhaca ah marka hore. Markaa iyo wax kasta oo aad ka hadlayso, waxaan ahay nooc ka fikiraya intee in le’eg ayay dadaal ugu jirtaa la kulanka macmiilka halka ay joogaan.

Hannah: Taasi waa, waxaan u maleynayaa, wax ay ahayd inaan la imaado sidoo kale, sida aad sheegtay, waa inaan hoos u dhigaa. Waa inaan dhegeysto Waa oo waxaan ahay sida, jarjar, jarjar, jarjar. Aan u socono. Sida oo kale waxaan u maleynayaa inay taasi sidoo kale aad u badan tahay sifada Mareykanka. Mm hmm. Sida, wax badan ayaan u safray, hal shay oo aan ogaaday oo u muuqda inuu yahay nooc ka mid ah farqiga dhaqanka oo aad isla markiiba aragto waa maxay “waqtigeeda” macnaheedu yahay?

Maxamed: Ah, haa.

Hannah: sababtoo ah gudaha Maraykanka, haddii aad tiraahdo, aan ku kulanno 10 subaxnimo, waxaan joognaa 10 subaxnimo, laakiin dhaqamo badan, taas macnaheedu waa 10 am-ish.

Maxamed: sax. Haa. Haa. Qof walba wuu nastay. Waad ogtahay, aniga ila, waa sax. Qorshuhu waa in la kulmo. Waxa kaliya ee aad u dabacsan tahay. Waxayna dhici doontaa ugu dambeyntii.

Hannah: sax, sax.

Maxamed: Haa. Waad ogtahay, dhaqanka Maraykanku waa. Waad ogtahay, waxa aan bartay waa tag, tag, mar kasta. Sida aad sheegtayna, ilaalinta wakhtiga waa wax weyn. Laakiin waxaad ka soo kaxaysaa qof ka socda Afrika ama Yurub ama Bariga Dhexe, waad ogtahay, gaar ahaan Afrika, mar walba waxaa jira kaftankaas waqtiga Afrika. Markaa Afrika wakhtigaa macnaheedu waa haddii aad tidhaahdo toban, waxaanu ka hadlaynaa 1030 oo ku dhow 11 malaha. Sax. Markaa haddii aan qof ballan la samaynayo, had iyo jeer waxaan hubiyaa inay gaar tahay qof ka socda Bariga Dhexe ama Afrika. Mar walbana waxaan hubiyaa inaan ka codsado inay soo baxaan nus saac ka hor. Waayahay Kaliya inaad siiso waqti, waad ogtahay, inay soo bandhigaan waqtiga, taas oo ah, waad ogtahay, nus saac ka dib, Mareykan. Haa. Haa. Markaa had iyo jeer waa inaad hubisaa inaan la socdo khariidad meesha cidda aan la hadlayo.

Hannah: Markaa waxaan filayaa in wakhtiga Afrika uu aad ugu dhaw yahay wakhtiga Chile. Waxaan aaday aroos ka dhacay dalka Chile, waxaana la rabay in xaflada la bilaabo 5:00 habeenimo. Waxaan filayaa in aroosadda ay soo baxday 8:00.

Maxamed: Ah, haa.

Hannah: Ka dibna, sidii xafladda tobanka subaxnimo u bilaabantay oo ay ayeeyo weli dheesha shanta subaxnimo. Waxaana i galay naxdin iyo daal. Maan garanayn in aan ka gudbi karo soo dhawayntan arooska.

Maxamed: waan ogahay, waan ogahay. Markaa, haa, waxaan filayaa inay tahay ka warqabka agagaarkaaga, waxaan filayaa, iyo cidda aad la macaamilayso. Taasi waa furaha ugu muhiimsan.

Hannah: Markaa, laakiin haa, sidaad sheegtay, aayar. Waxaad arki doontaa waxyaabo badan. Waxaad arki doontaa ixtiraam badan. Aragtiyo kala duwan. Markaa, haa, noocan oo kale ah ayaa halkan igu keenaya hab fikir kale. Mid ka mid ah shay aan ogaaday oo aad ii dhibaya, iyada oo aan loo eegin awoodda aan ku shaqeeyo milkiile ganacsi iyo lataliye ahaan, waxaa jira barnaamijyo iyo adeegyo badan oo halkaas ka jira kuwaas oo bixiya la-talinta kooxo dad ah. waxaanan filayaa in taasi ay aad waxtar u yeelan karto in aan keenayno dad badan oo ka soo jeeda asal la mid ah qolka halkaas oo laga yaabo in ay dareemaan raaxo badan sababtoo ah waxaa ku hareeraysan bulshadooda, taas oo ah mid aad u fiican. Runtii aad bay ii dhibaysaa marka dadka caawinaya ama haganaya ama ka hadlaya dhacdooyinka kooxdaas ay wada cad yihiin.

Maxamed: Mm hmm. Mm hmm.

Hannah: Taasina waa wax aan u malaynayo inaan runtii halkan kula halgameyno Koonfurta Minnesota – waa wax aad u fiican haddii aan heli karno dadka inay yimaadaan miiska. Haa. Haa. Laakiin haddii. Haddii qof gacan ka geysanaya wax-barashada oo gacan ka geysanaya kobaca ganacsiga, haddii aysan jirin qof u eg bulshadaas oo gacan ka geysaneysa qaybta tilmaamaha, waxaan u maleynayaa inay taasi tahay farqiga runtii u baahannahay inaan ka gudubno.

Maxamed: Haa. Maya, gabi ahaanba. Aad baad u saxan tahay. Markaa, haa, hore ayaan u sheegay, waad ogtihiin, waxaan soo marnay waddo dheer, welina waxaa dhiman shaqo. Waana arrin ku saabsan garashada baahiyahaas. Waxaan ula jeedaa, waan ogahay inay jiraan wadahadalo badan oo ku saabsan taas, cidda soo bandhigaysa. Miyaan u ekaa iyaga? Ma aniga ayay ii egyihiin? Aaway caqabada koowaad? Miyay ku raaxaysan yihiin hortayda? Sax. Dhaqamada kala duwan ayaa keenaya caqabadahooda, caqabadaha. Markaa waxaan filayaa in shaqada-guri ay muhiim tahay. Marka hore, meesha aad ka hadasho oo laga yaabo in aan ka bilowno qorista la-taliyayaal, oo laga yaabo, inaad ogtahay, oo metelaya bulshada. Markaa waxa loo baahan yahay in aynu eegno tirada dadka aynu hayno ka dibna aynu bilowno shaqaaleysiinta, hadday tahay xarumo ganacsi oo kala duwan, kana duwan kulliyadda. Haddii aan haysano arday ganacsi oo ganacsi galaya waxaa laga yaabaa inay bilaabaan qoritaanka. Taasi waa hab kale oo dhab ahaantii aan ku bilownay inaan ka hadalno tan sidoo kale, qayb ka mid ah isku dayga haynta. Markaa haddii aan rabno tusaale ahaan ardaydu inay ka qalin jabiyaan MSU, oo aan rabno inaan halkan ku hayno, maxaan u bixinaa? Maxaa soo jiidan doona inay joogaan oo ay u adeegaan?

Hannah: sax. Markaa ma waxaad u malaynaysaa sida fursadaha shaqo, wax caynkaas ah.

Maxamed: Fursadaha shaqo, xitaa haddii ay ku jiraan kulliyadda sannadka saddexaad ama wax ka badan, taas, waxaad ogtahay, inay u baahan yihiin khibrad. Haddaba sidee ayaan taas ugu bixin karnaa? Hubaal. Sax. Waxay u fiican tahay dib-u-shaqayntooda, waayo-aragnimadooda, waxbarashadooda sidoo kale. Markaa haddii aan heli karno kuwa hore uga qalin jabiyay kulliyadda oo khibrad ganacsi u leh aagga. Markaa waxaad sii socotaa waxa ugu fiican ee xiga. Sax. Markaa waxaa jira siyaabo badan oo aan arrintan wax uga qaban karno. Waa arrin in la fadhiisto, la garto ama la garto caqabadahaas oo aad isla markiiba ka shaqeyso. Khasab maaha. Dhah, waa hagaag, aan soo noqono oo aan tan dambe ka hadalno. Hadda, waxaan u baahanahay inaan garaacno marka ay adag tahay, marka ay tahay marka ay kulushahay.

Hannah: sax. Markaa waxaan la yaabanahay, sidoo kale, haddii ay taasi wax ka tari karto hal shay oo kale oo aan ogaaday, oo ah macaamiisha badan oo aan u arko lataliye ganacsi, waxay nagu ogaadaan afka. Mm hmm. Sax. Taasi waxay u egtahay in qof aan la shaqeeyay uu qof kale keeno miiska marka uu diyaar u yahay inuu bilaabo ganacsi. Ma aragtaa taas, sidoo kale, In. Shaqadaada hadda?

Maxamed: Haa. Markii aan la macaamilayay macaamiisha, waxaan rabaa in aan sheego 70, 80% macaamiisha aan la macaamilay, haddii ay jiraan qoys, saaxiibo ama xubnaha qoyska. Iyaguna waad ogtihiin in aan la macaamilayo qofkan oo ay la hadlaan qofka ku xiga oo ay yidhaahdaan, haye, waxa aan caawimaad ka helayaa qofkan gaarka ah ee SBDC waana waxa ay igu samaynayaan, tani waa waxa ay ‘waad iga caawinaysaa waana bilaash. Haddaba maxaad u qabsan weyday iyaga? Markaa haa, markaa waxaan u maleynayaa faallooyinkaaga, waxaan u maleynayaa inaan u baahanahay inaan wax badan ka qabanno suuqgeyn? Waan aaminsanahay. Taasi waa su’aal.

Hannah: Haa. Wax badan ayaan taas ka fakarayay sababtoo ah waxay u muuqataa inay jiraan, waxaan ula jeedaa, marka aan eegno boqolleyda, macaamiisha na soo gaara, waad ogtahay, taasi waxay u egtahay inay noqdaan dad badan oo caddaan ah oo Caucasian ah.

Maxamed: Markaa sideen ku hagaajin karnaa arrintaas? Sideen u abuuri karnaa albaabadaas, fursadahaas isgaarsiinta iyo aqoonta wadaagga? Haa, waa suuqgeyn iyo sidaad u suuq geyn lahayd, adigana waxaad samaynaysaa suuqgeyn, taasna waad garanaysaa maalmaha wanaagsan iyo maalmaha wanaagsan. Markaa haa, waxaan filayaa in la aqoonsado waxa maqan iyo waxa loo baahan yahay, iyo, oo si daacadnimo ah loo sameeyo, haddii ay tahay, luqad kale, waad ogtahay, websaydhkaagu waa inuu noqdaa waxa ugu horreeya ee aad bilowdo inaad ka shaqeyso. Markaa haddii ay ku qoran tahay luqad kale, waxaad bilaabaysaa inaad aqoonsato inta luqadood ee lagaga hadlo Mankato. Taasi waa, taasi waa talaabadii ugu horeysay. Kadibna waxaad haysataa xog, waxaad haysaa sahanno, waxaad haysataa waxaad isticmaali kartaa tirakoobka sidoo kale si aad u hesho xogtaas oo aad bilowdo inaad ka shaqeyso, adoo siinaya luqado kala duwan boggaaga. Haddii aad taas samayso, waxaa jira qalab halkaas ka jira.

Hannah: Ah, gabi ahaanba. Haa. Haa.

Maxamed: Ma ogtahay, haddii aad haysatid suugaan aad qaybiso, ma ingiriisi uun baa? Ma labada luqadood ee ugu caansan mise waxaad ku daraysaa luuqado kale oo lagaga hadlo aagga? Waan ogahay in ay noqon karto liis dheer, laakiin aqoonsiga luqadaha ugu caansan iyada oo loo marayo sahannadaada iyo SBDC ee waddanka oo dhan kuwaas oo buuxin kara sahannadaas oo aad arki karto inta macaamiisha ah ee ku soo wajahan xarumaha SBDC ee Minnesota oo dhan si aasaasi ah oo bilaw daabacaadda buug-yarahaas ama suugaanta asal ahaan aagga. oo aad ku nooshahay Markaa ma garanayo in aan yeelan doonno qoraal kooban.

Hannah: Haa. Haa. Taasi waa, taasi waa wadada malaha. Taasi waa, taasi waa fikrad fiican. Runtii waxaan ka hadlayay samayntayda xilli ciyaareedka soo socda muuqaal muuqaal ah. Oh, waayahay Meeshii aan ka kari karno, waxaan xaqiiqdii samayn karnaa qoraallo xidhan, laakiin runtii ma jirto sabab tignoolajiyada la heli karo. Codka waxaan ka rogi karaa podcast-kan ka dibna waxaan u rogi karaa qoraal ku jira mareegaha oo ku qoran luqado kala duwan.

Maxamed: Maya, gabi ahaanba. Dhab ahaantii. Waan joognaa Waxaan ula jeedaa, waxaan haysanaa tignoolajiyada aan ku sameyn karno, markaa maxaa diidaya? Waxa hubaal ah in ay wax fududaynayso, saw maaha? Laakiin mid ka mid ah waxyaabaha ugu muhiimsan ee aan u maleynayo, in laga yaabo in SBDC ay rabto inay diiradda saarto waa isku xidhka dhammaan ururada aan faa’iido doonka ahayn ee degaanka iyo, waad ogtahay, arag inta, inta kooxood ee kala duwan ee ay ku xiran yihiin ka dibna abuurista shabakadaas iyada oo loo marayo kuwa aan faa’iido doonka ahayn. Waad ogtahay, YWCA gudaha, waxaad ka hadlaysaa Mankato Area Foundation, United Way, Diversity Council, aqoonsiga ururada aan faa’iido doonka ahayn iyo sida ay ugu xidhan yihiin bulshada. Kadibna taas, asal ahaan wada hadal ku saabsan sidaad noogu xidhi lahayd kooxaha aad ku xidhan tahay oo aad uga hadasho adeegyada aanu halkan ku bixino. Waa suuqgeyn bilaash ah. Waa bilaash

Hannah: sax. Waxaan jecelnahay bilaash

Maxamed: Markaa. Haddaba maxaa diidaya?

Hannah: Mid ka mid ah shay ama hal iskaashi oo runtii cajiib ah ayaa ah South Minnesota Initiative Foundation oo qabata barnaamij la yiraahdo Initiative Prosperity. Oo waxaan la wadaagnaa macaamiil badan SMIF. Haa. Shalay oo keliya, ayaa waxaa i waydiiyay la-taliye SBDC ah haddii aan la tashan karo macmiilka Hindisaha Barwaaqada ee dhisitaanka mareegaha. Waayahay Haa. Markaa in la dhiso buundooyinkaas, sidaad sheegtay, waa hab kale oo aan bulshada ku caawin karno. Oo, waad ogtahay, dhammaan waxyaalahan aan ka hadlayno. Waxa kale oo aad u fiican milkiilayaasha ganacsiyada yaryar inay ogaadaan, si ay uga mid noqdaan shaqadooda. Haa, si ay uga mid noqdaan macaamiishooda iyo macaamiishooda.

Maxamed: Haa.

Hannah: Waxaas oo dhan waa waxyaalaha aan u malaynayo inaan ku horumarin karno. Sidaad sheegtay, had iyo jeer waxaa jira meel lagu hagaajin karo.

Maxamed: Had iyo jeer. Had iyo jeer. Arrimuhu way isbeddelayaan oo waxaad uun la socotaa isbeddellada oo aad la qabsato oo aad aragto waxa adiga kugu habboon.

Hannah: sax. Markaa haa, waxaan rabaa inaan hubiyo inaan wax muujino ama aan ka hadalno wax had iyo jeer igu xayiran shaqadaada lataliye ahaan halkan, wax aanan waligey ku fikirin, laakiin taasi waxay ku dhamaatay inay noqoto tusaale weyn oo siyaabaha SBDC waxa ay awooday in ay u adeegto macaamiisheena, taasina waxa ay ahayd adiga oo hormuud ka ah arinta deynta bangiga.

Maxamed: Haa, haa.

Hannah: wax yar ma ka hadli kartaa xaaladaas?

Maxamed: Markaa mid ka mid ah arrimaha ugu waaweyn, gaar ahaan Mankato, tusaale ahaan, waxaan u socdaa inaan ku hadlo oo kaliya Mankato sababtoo ah halkan ayaan ku noolahay, sidaas darteed iyo nooca Minnesota qof kastaa kuma qanacsana qaadashada amaah dhaqameed, tusaale ahaan. hadday tahay arrimo dhaqameed ama arrimo diimeed. Xitaa mararka qaarkood, haddii rajada ganacsigu aysan lahayn taariikh deymo oo habboon ama credit ama taariikh deymo oo wanaagsan, tusaale ahaan, waxaa jira kuwan ku cusub Mareykanka, had iyo jeer waxaa la kulmi lahaa caqabadaha ganacsiyada ay u furan yihiin middaas awgeed. caqabad weyn. Haddaba waa maxay fursadaha jira iyaga? Oo waxaan ugu yeeraa nidaamka amaahda aan caadiga ahayn, kaas oo daboolaya qaar ka mid ah baahiyahooda diineed iyo qaar ka mid ah baahiyaha dhaqanka, iyo sidoo kale baahiyaha taariikhda deynta. Waxaa lagu guuleystay dalal kala duwan. Waa lagu guuleystey Maraykanka oo kala duwan magaalooyinka waaweyn. Marka, tusaale ahaan, mid ka mid ah arrimaha ugu muhiimsan waa bixinta ribada deynta. Haddaba kooxaha diinta qaarkood kuma qanacsana arrintaas sababtoo ah waxay ka soo horjeedaa diintooda, taasoo ah ribo macno ahaan. Waxa loo yaqaan ribo. Markaa bixinta dulsaarka deyn ganacsi ama deyn kasta oo la bilaabayo. Laakin hadaba waa maxay ikhtiyaarkooda si ay u badbaadiyaan lacag si ay u bilaabaan ganacsigooda taas oo ku qaadan doonta wakhti dheer ama la xidhiidha xubnaha qoyska oo ay u ururiyaan lacagtaas. Oo qof kastaa wuxuu leeyahay qayb ka mid ah ganacsigaas. Qaarkood waxay ka dhamaadaan dookhyada waxayna ka tanaasulaan asal ahaan sababtoo ah ma jiraan wax ay heli karaan. Markaa oo aan ku sameeyay cilmi-baadhistaydii. Bangiyo badan oo ku yaal New York, Chicago, magaalooyinka waaweyn ayaa asal ahaan aqoonsan arrintan. Waxayna bilaabeen bixinta amaahda aan caadiga ahayn, taas oo aan ula jeedo, taasi waxay ahayd wakhti ka hor. Laakiin waxaa laga yaabaa inaan ku dhawaado seddex, afar, $ 5 bilyan warshadaha hadda, amaahda dhaqameed. Waxayna ku lug leedahay waxyaabo badan, hadday tahay haddii aad baabuur iibsanayso, hadday guri iibsanayso, haddii ay guri maalgelinayso iyo haddii ay ganacsi bilaabayso. Markaa hadda waxaad suuqa u furtay dad badan oo doonaya inay madax u noqdaan, ganacsi samaystaan ama guri iibsadaan, way awoodaan, baabuur iibsadaan, way awoodaan. Qaarkood waxay shaqeeyaan labanlaab, waad ogtahay, laba shaqo, saddex shaqo. Waxay awoodaan lacagaha. Kaliya kuma qanacsana bixinta dulsaarka. Haddaba sideen uga gudbi karnaa arrintaas? Markaa waxaan baaq u diray, waad ogtahay, hay’adaha maaliyadeed ee aagga, asal ahaan inay bilaabaan sahaminta suurtagalka ah. Dabcan, meelna maan gaadhin. Taasi waa sababta oo ah waxaan nahay kuwo aad u qoto dheer oo xiiso leh oo gebi ahaanba. Haa Taasina waa aniga iyo, waad ogtahay, waxaan u imid si aan u ogaado inay tahay FDIC, maxay ahaayeen waxay yidhaahdeen? Bangiyada oo dhan waa in ay ka qaadaan ribo. Mm hmm. Markaa taasi waa dhibaato, dabcan. Markaa laakiin bangiyada kale, sida aan sheegay, bangiyada qaar ayaa ku hareeraysan taas. Oo waxaan hayaa dukumeenti ku saabsan sida ay u sameeyeen. Welina maan haysan wax qaata. Markaa ikhtiyaarka kale ayaa ah in la helo maalgashadayaasha malaa’igaha, laga yaabo inay helaan nidaamyo amaahin oo yaryar oo aan caadi ahayn si ay u caawiyaan kuwa raadinaya inay bilaabaan ganacsiyo, asal ahaan dhaqaalahooda. Markaa weli waxaan rajeynayaa inaan taas ku heli karno si uun. Waxaan xiiso ka helay kooxaha inay diyaar u yihiin inay bixiyaan taageerada dhaqaale. Waxa kaliya oo aan wali helin dad sax ah oo taas iga caawiya. Markaa taasi waa khasaare weyn.

Hannah: Waxaan qiyaasayaa, sababtoo ah nasiib darro, maalgelintu waa qayb muhiim ah. Maalgelinta iyo socodka lacagta caddaanka ahi waa qayb muhiim ah oo ka mid ah lahaanshiyaha ganacsiga. Oo marka aad heli weydo taas, waa maxay khasaaraha weyn taasi waa.

Maxamed: Haa, oo sidaan idhi, waa warshad weyn. Xitaa kuwa laga yaabo inay haystaan waxaa laga yaabaa inaysan lahayn xannibaado diimeed ama xannibaadyo dhaqameed, waxay raaceen maalgelinta aan caadiga ahayn sababtoo ah maaha inay bixiyaan dulsaar deyntooda. Markaa aad bay ugu soo jiidanaysaa iyaga. Hubaal. Waad wici kartaa, waad ogtahay, lacag dayn ah ama wax kasta oo aad rabto inaad wacdo. Laakin marka deymahaas ay jiraan dulsaarku wuxuu bilaabaa inuu is ururiyo. Taas ayaa caqabad ku abuurta lafteeda.

Hannah: Hubaal. Sax. Haddaba sideen uga gudbi karnaa arrintaas?

Maxamed: Weli shaqo ayaa noo taal. Shaqo badan ayaa noo taal. Markaa laakiin waxaan ku rajo waynahay inay mar uun iman doonto. Waad ogtahay, laga yaabaa in dhowr sano ka dib markii aan degay booskayga. Markaa.

Hannah: sax. Haa. Hagaag, waxaan rajaynayaa in aan ku yeelano dooddan podcast-kan ay caawin doonto nooca faafinta wacyigelinta arrintan. Sababtoo ah markii aan aniga iyo adiga ka hadlaynay laba sano ka hor, marnaba may ahayn wax aan aqoon u lahaa ama xitaa fahmay inay dhibaato tahay. Marka waxaan u maleynayaa in badan oo aan ka hadli karno, hubi in dadku u fahmaan kuwan oo kale inay caqabad weyn ku yihiin dadka inay noqdaan milkiilayaasha ganacsiga.

Maxamed: waaye. Marka, haa, sidoo kale waxaan rajeynayaa. Had iyo jeer waxaan isku dayay inaan rajo ka qabo inta aan awoodo, sidaas darteed.

Hannah: Haa, waxaan rabaa inaan wax yar ka hadlo IDI. Iyo sababta oo ah waxaad tahay fududeeye IDI shahaado leh. Markaa waxaan haystaa macaamiil iyagana shahaado ku haysta IDI, waxaanan la shaqeeyay la-taliyayaal ama bixiyeyaasha adeegga kuwaas oo ka caawiya qaybta HR ee ganacsiyada yaryar ama gelaya ganacsiyada yaryar iyo baraya shaqaalaha iyo shaqaalaha aqoonta dhaqanka iyo sida ay muhiimka u tahay taas si aan uga qayb-galno oo aan hubinno inaan u abuureyno fursado macaamiisha iyo macaamiisha kala duwan oo aan hubinno inay ku qanacsan yihiin. Haddaba ma ka hadli kartaa in yar oo ku saabsan IDI iyo waxa ay tahay aqoonta dhaqan iyo sida ganacsiyada yaryar ay u tixgelin karaan in ay keenaan lataliye fikrad ama fududeeye si uu iyaga uga caawiyo?

Maxamed: Haa. Markaa IDI waa aalad asal ahaan ka caawisa shakhsiyaadka ama kooxaha inay aqoonsadaan halka ay ka soo jeedaan ilaa iyo inta la fahamsan yahay dhaqamada, tusaale ahaan, tirakoobyada kale. Waxa aad ogtihiin in shaqada aan qabto qaarkood ay tahay in aan ganacsiyo ama hay’ado dawladeed galo oo aan ka hadlo eexdayada, eexdayada qarsoon ee ah in aynu dhammaanteen leenahay karti dhaqameed taas oo la tacaalaysa dhaqamada kala duwan iyo halganka iyo caqabadaha jira. Waxaan wajahaynaa sababtoo ah ma fahmin meesha uu qof kale ka yimid. Marka aan ka hadlayno dhaqanka ama kala duwanaanta, waad ogtahay, waxaan had iyo jeer xasuusiyaa qof walba in kala duwanaanshuhu uusan macnaheedu ahayn qof ka yimid dhaqan kale ama madow iyo caddaan. Kala duwanaanshuhu wuxuu ku yimaadaa qaabab badan oo kala duwan. Laakiin waxaan u baahanahay in aan aqoonsanno kala duwanaanshahaas. Waad ogtahay, haddii qof sare uu la hadlayo qof dhallinyaro ah oo aad kala hadlayso kala duwanaansho ka duwan, waxaad ka hadlaysaa dhaqan kala duwan. Waxay ku hadlayaan luqado kala duwan. Dhab ahaantii. 100% Haddii aad la hadlayso qof meel kale ka yimid. Markaa qof ka socda Mankato oo la hadlaya qof ka yimid Bariga Dhexe ama Afrika, waad ogtahay, taasi waa dhaqamo kala duwan. Dabcan, xitaa gudaha Maraykanka, waxaad tahay qof ka yimid Minnesota oo la hadlaya qof ka yimid koonfurta hoose. Gebi ahaanba dhaqan kala duwan. Mm hmm. Haddaba sideen ku aqoonsan karnaa arrimahan, kala duwanaanshaha? Sideen u noqon karnaa kuwo is waafajin kara oo isfahmi kara, sideen u dhisi karnaa dulqaadkaas khilaafaadka?

Hannah: sax. Hagaag, waxaad ka hadlaysay noocyo kala duwanaansho ah. Waxaan ku fikirayay inaan jeclaado jinsiga iyo magac-u-yaalka.

Maxamed: Jinsiga iyo magac-u-yaalka, dabcan. Sax.

Hannah: sidee rabtaa in laguula hadlo? Mise waa maxay jinsigaagu? Waa maxay adiga sidee qof kuugu dareensiin karaa raaxo meesha aad joogto iyo sidee baan, sidaad sheegtay, uga gudbi karnaa eexdayada qarsoon ama, aragtidayada, oo aan hubin karno inaan dhagaysanayno waxa ay dadka kale ka sheegayaan halka ay joogaan’ ku noqo ama meesha ay ka imaanayaan.

Maxamed: Haa, gabi ahaanba. Dhab ahaantii. Oo kaliya, uh, haa, waxaa jira waxyaabo badan, waxyaabo badan oo ku saabsan haddii aynaan waxba baran nafteena, qaado wakhti aad ku fahamto. Mar kale, waa aan hore u soo sheegay qaybta gaabiska. Haddii aadan hoos u dhigin oo aad fiiriso sawirka weyn, ka dibna aad ka fiirin lahayd aragtidaada iyo sababtoo ah dhammaanteen waxaan leenahay dhinacyadaas indho la’aanta ah oo aan aragno. Markaa, si aad waqti u qaadato si aad taas u fahamto, taasina waa waxa aan galo oo aan dadka ka caawiyo inay gaabiyaan oo ay ka eegaan dhinaca qof kale, ma aha oo kaliya tooda. Markaa, haa, mar labaad, shaqo badan oo dhinacaas ah in laga qabto. Laakiin sida tirakoobku u beddelayo dhaqamo kala duwan, kooxo kala duwan sii kordhaya, waxaan aaminsanahay inaan samaynayno isbeddelka. Waxaa jira caqabado. Dib u dhac badan, laakiin waxaan ku soconaa wadada saxda ah. Markaa waxaan la hadlay dad badan oo ii yimid tababarradaydii ka dib oo waxay i weydiiyeen ama ii sheegeen asal ahaan inaan beddelay qaabkii ay wax uga fikiri jireen oo ay wax u eegaan sababtoo ah waxaan haystaa iyaga oo gaabis ah. Waxaan kuu sheegi karaa in ka dib markii aan soo maray tababarka IDI, ay si buuxda u beddeshay aragtideyda waxayna iga dhigtay inaan ogaado in aan hayo shaqo badan oo aan qabto waxayna u baahan tahay heer nuglaanta.

Hannah: Haa, 100%. Haa.

Maxamed: Waa iyo sidoo kale waxa ay iga caawisay in aan fahmo qaar ka mid ah waxyaabihii aan horay uga soo hadalnay in dadka kale ay haystaan caqabado nolol maalmeedka, laakiin sidoo kale bilaabista ganacsiyada iyo hubinta in aan sameeyo wax kasta oo aan awoodo si aan u caawiyo kuwan. caqabadaha, buuxi meelaha bannaan.

Hannah: Haa. IDI, runtii waxaan bedelay aragtideyda, way i heshay – taasi waxay ahayd mid ka mid ah daqiiqadaha igu dhiirigeliyay inaan garwaaqsado inaan kaliya u baahanahay inaan xidho oo aan hoos u dhigo oo aan jeclahay, ma garanayo wax walba. Aniguna waxaan ahay Maraykan. Waxaan soo xaadiraa, waqtigii loogu talagalay. Oo, waad ogtahay, dadka aan la shaqeeyaa qasab maaha inay leeyihiin dhaqankaas. Oo waxaan u baahanahay inaan dhegeysto si aan u hubiyo inaan caawiyo iyaga intii aan awoodo. Haa.

Maxamed: Haa. Iyo kuwa aan garanayn waxa IDI u yahay agabka horumarinta dhaqamada dhexdooda. Markaa asal ahaan waxaad u qaadanaysaa alaab adiga kuu gaar ah ama koox adoo adeegsanaya farabadan, waad ogtahay, su’aalo aad ka jawaabto. Qiimuhuna waxa uu qaataa jawaabahaas oo uu qiimeeyaa jawaabahaaga oo uu la soo noqdo qorshe horumarineed. Markaa waxay noqon kartaa wax yar oo adag dadka qaar. Aad baan ugu raaxaysnayn dadka qaarkii oo aan la kulmay in ay dadku yiraahdeen waan necbahay oo waan fahmay, gabi ahaanba waan fahmay. Waad ogtihiin markii aan qaatay naftayda kumaan raacin, waxaan rabaa in aan sheego 40% sababtoo ah waan garanayaa naftayda iyo barbaarintayda. Markaa way igu adkayd inaan wax ka barto waxyaalahaas. Laakiin waqti ka dib, dabcan, waxaad bilaabaysaa inaad naftaada ka shaqeyso oo aad bilowdo inaad aqoonsato indho-furkaaga, sax? Oo waxaad bilaabaysaa inaad wax ka qabato. Markaa qofna kuma qummana. Qof ku qumman ma jiro. Mar walba waxaa jira wax aynaan arkin oo u baahan inaan ka shaqayno. Waxayna ka caawisaa dhaqamadaas asal ahaan inay ka caawiyaan garashada taas. Markaa waxaan u baahanahay oo kaliya inaan u furno waayo-aragnimada, taasi waa intaas.

Hannah: Oo ma jirto dhibco kaamil ah.

Maxamed: Dhib kaamil ah ma jiro.

Hannah: Midkeenna 100% kama heli doono imtixaankaas.

Maxamed: Maya, ilaa aad naftaada ka shaqaynaysay mooyaane tan iyo markii aad ka war heshay. Haa. Maya, maya, ma jiro 100%.

Hannah: Waxaan filayaa inaan aad uga niyad jabay natiijadayda markii aan qiimaynta qaatay. Waxaan ahaa sida, sug ilbidhiqsi Anigu sidan ayaan uga maskax furanahay, sax? Waxaa ii haray shaqo badan. Weli waxaa ii dhiman shaqo badan, laakiin waxaan filayaa inay muhiim tahay inaan meel ka bilaabo.

Maxamed: Haa, sax. Kaliya ka digtoonow waxyaalahaas oo isku day inaad si joogto ah u kordhiso kartidaada dhaqanka iyo marka uu wakhtigu sii socdo.

Hannah: Laakiin waan ogahay in aan tan ka shaqayn doono inta noloshayda ka hadhay.

Maxamed: Run. Qofka sidaas sameeyana maalin kasta, waxaan had iyo jeer isku dayaa inaan isku dayayo inaan wax fahmo ama wax barto. Ama haddii aan wax seego, waxaan had iyo jeer xisaabiyaa maalintayda dhammaadka maalinta, cidda aan la hadlay, sida aan ula macaamilay, waxa aan ka fikiray wax, ama haddii ay tahay wax isoo qabtay, sidee baan u sameeyay. ma dareentaa? Sideen uga fikiray? Markaa mar walba waxaan qaadanayaa alaab nafteyda ah.

Hannah: taasi waa talo wanaagsan. Waxaan rajeynayaa in in badan oo naga mid ah, sida waqtigu socdo, aan ku dhaqmo taas.

Maxamed: Haa, sax. Waa sida xaqiijinta maalinlaha ah, laakiin dhamaadka maalinta, sax. Markaa haa, waxaan u sheegayaa, qof walba waxaan u sheegayaa ka hor intaadan seexan, iska dhig qalabkaaga elektiroonigga ah oo bilow inaad maanta ka fikirto. Taasina waa sida aad wax u qaadato, u samee liiska maalintaada. Marka laakiin mar haa, haddii aad ku jirto taleefankaaga ama laptop-kaaga oo aad daawato fiidiyowyada ama akhrinayso wax aad rabto, ma aqoonsan doontid tan, kuwani waa khibradahaaga maalintii oo dhan, ma aqoonsan doontid taas. Markaa.

Hannah: Haa, haa. Waa hagaag. Waxaan haystaa hab cusub oo wakhtiga hurdada ah. Waxaan ahay dambiile xaaladda aaladda. Dhammaanteen. Haa, TikTok.

Maxamed: Hagaag, eeg, waa sababta aanan TikTok u haysan. Ma haysto Facebook teleefankayga. Midna ma hayo. Waxyaabaha warbaahinta bulshada ee telefoonkayga. Waxaan kaliya. Waan diiday inaan sidaas yeelo sababtoo ah waxaan hayaa waxyaabo aan u baahanahay. Waxaan u baahanahay inaan naftayda ka shaqeeyo, markaa uma baahnid in la ii leexiyo.

Hannah: Waxaan u isticmaali doonaa marmarsiinyo ahaanshaha suuq geynta dhijitaalka ah inaan saacado ku qaato TikTok.

Maxamed: waa run. Hagaag, kaliya ku dheji jadwalkaaga. Waad ogtahay, samee saacad ama laba saacadood maalintaada si aad taas u sameyso. Cilmi-baaris, cilmi-baaris, cilmi-baaris. Waxaan filayaa in aad adigu isku dubaridi doonto ogow kaliya ku dheji jadwalkaaga adigoo leh waxaan u qoondayn doonaa saacad ama laba saacadood oo baraha bulshada ah, ka dibna waan dhameeyay.

Hannah: taas waan ka shaqayn doonaa. Waa hagaag. Wax ballan ah ma qaadayo. Waayahay Kahor intaanan tagin, tan waan tafatiri karaa haddii aad i rabto, laakiin waxaad leedahay cod raadiye oo cajiib ah. Laakiin waayahay, markaa ii sheeg sababta. U sheeg dhagaystayaasheenna sababta codkaaga raadiyahaagu u qumman yahay?

Maxamed: Hagaag, ma odhan karo way qumman tahay. Waxaan filayaa inay dhacday. Mise waxaa laga yaabaa inaysan lid ku ahayn. Hagaag, waayahay. Waa hagaag. Taasi waa been. Codka waxba kama qaban karo. Dabcan waa dabiici. Waa sida ay tahay. Oo waxaan u maleynayaa inaan ogahay waxaad isku dayeyso inaad gaarto. Markaa waxaan magaalada ku leeyahay bandhig raadiyow ii gaar ah ku dhawaad 20 sano ee la soo dhaafay. Laakiin waxaan ku koray dhegeysiga raadiyaha. Waxaan jeclahay raadiyaha, waxaan ku koray dhageysiga shakhsiyaadka raadiyaha ee kala duwan, asal ahaan. Badankooduna waxay ahaayeen nooca loo yaqaan Duufaanta xasilloonida, oo ah magaca bandhigga raadiyaha. Waana KMSU. Waxay ku taal KMSU. Markaa oo had iyo jeer waxay u ekaayeen inay la mid yihiin, waad ogtahay, dib loo dhigay. Walwal ma leh. Hoos-u-dhaca oo aan ereyga hoos u isticmaalo iyo wax walba. Haa. Waad ogtahay, waxay gaabiyaan saacad ama laba marka ay samaynayaan bandhigyadooda asal ahaan. Oo waxaad noqonaysaa mid la quustay, waad ogtahay, muusiga, waxaad ku dhex milmay waxa ay ka hadlayaan. Markaa waxaan filayaa inaan taas soo qaatay. Markaa waxaan naftayda u ballan qaaday, waad ogtihiin, markaan fursad helo, waxaan bilaabayaa idaacad ii gaar ah, ma aha oo kaliya bandhig. Waxaan bilaabayaa in aan furo idaacad ii gaar ah oo aan sameeyo muusik noocan oo kale ah maalinta oo dhan sababtoo ah dadku way socdaan, tagayaan, tagayaan waxayna iloobaan inay gaabiyaan, qaataan hal daqiiqo. Markaa taasi waa nooc ka mid ah taasi waa sababta ay dadku u yidhaahdaan, ii sheeg inaadan ahayn isla martigaliyaha jaamacadda. Waxaan u sheegi doonaa, haa, waan ahay. Sababtoo ah waxay u maleynayaan inaan ahay, waad ogtahay, 300 lbs., Had iyo jeer waan dhididayaa, oo waxaan ahay kaliya inaad ogtahay, waxaan leeyahay qof ayaa sheegay inaad shumac shidan tahay.

Hannah: hadda waan qiyaasayaa.

Maxamed: Waa waxa uu qof gaar ah leeyahay. Anaguna waxaan noqonay saaxiibo intaas ka dib. Sidaas ayay ii malaynayeen. Oo markay i arkeen, waxay la mid yihiin, ma noqon kartid qofkaas sidayda oo kale. Ma tihid waxa ay filayaan. Haa Haa. Sidaas, laakiin si kastaba, sidaas. Markaa codka, waxaan filayaa inuu yimid. Ma ahayn wax dabiici ah. Wax aan ka qaban karo ma jirto. Laakiin markaan makarafoonka hor joogo, waa sababta aan u idhaahdo weji raadiyaha ayaan leeyahay. Horay ayaan u maqlay. Markaa makarafoonka hortiisa waxaan u malaynayaa inay tahay kiciye toos ah oo iga caawinaysa inaan hoos u dhigo. Markaa taasi malaha waa sababta. Markaa sida joogtada ah ee hadalka, waxaan filayaa inaan awoodo, inaan wax ka baran karo tusaalahaaga oo waxaad ii sheegaysay ka hor intaanan bilaabin duubista sirtaada si aad u hubiso in codkaagu caafimaad qabo.

Hannah: waa maxay sirtaasi?

Maxamed: Haa, waan ku soo laaban lahaa taas, laakiin waxaan rabay in aan u sheego daawadayaasha in adiga laftaadu aad leedahay cod qurux badan.

Hannah: Oh, markaa mahadsanid. Markaa, haa, markaa waa inaan. Waan ogahay.

Maxamed: Waa hagaag. Ilaa aan fasax ka helo inaan sheego, Laakiin odhan maayo. Laakiin mid ka mid ah siraha, siraha dabiiciga ah, ayaa isticmaalaya abuur anise. Markaa karkarinta abuur anise oo cab ka hor inta aanad samayn. Haddaad raadiyow ka shaqaynayso, haddaad heesi doontid, kuwa fanka ku jira, waa shabag. Waa daawaynta guriga ee dabiiciga ah oo aad isticmaali karto. Waxayna kaa caawinaysaa inaad dabciso xadhkaha cod bixinta, asal ahaan. Oo waxay u dhaqantaa sida saliidda cunahaaga.

Hannah: Markaa taasi waa talo fiican. Anaguna markii aanu arrintaa ka hadlaynay, kuwiinna aan garanayn ee Mo waxa uu tilmaamayaa in aan dhab ahaantii ahay heesaa jazz ah.

Maxamed: waayahay. Haa, halkaas tag.

Hannah: Bisad bacda ayay ka soo baxday oo sidaas ayaan wax ku baranayay oo aan la shaqaynayay macalimiin cod leh muddo tobanaan sano ah, qofna ma odhanayo qofna wuxuu igula taliyay abuur anise si aan u hubiyo in codkaygu caafimaad qabo oo uu wanaagsan yahay. Oo sidaas daraaddeed waxaan aadayaa guriga oo waxaan isku diyaariyaa iniin anise ah oo aan isku dayo.

Maxamed: Haa. Haa. Waa maxay adiga maxay tahay cibaadadaadu marka aad samaynayso?

Hannah: Markaa way ku kala duwan tahay cod-yaqaan ilaa cod-yaqaan guud ahaan. Waayahay Laakiin waxaan isku dayaa inaan ka fogaado waxyaabaha caanaha laga sameeyo. Hagaag, Sababtoo ah taasi waxay kaa dhigi doontaa saxmad iyo mid ka mid ah tababarayaashayda had iyo jeer waxay iga daba tagi jireen qaadashada kafeyn. Oh, waayahay Ha cabbin kafeega. Taasi ma dhacayso. Waan ka xumahay, waan qabatimay Laakin hubinta in aad fuuqbaxday.

Maxamed: Haa. Haa

Hannah: Kahor intaanan soo galin istuudiyaha saaka, waxaan ku haystaa liiska muusiga ee Apple Music of warmups. Markaa qubeyska ama markaan baabuur wado, waxaan sameeyaa “mah mah mah mah mah mah maaahhh…” Wayna i caawisaa. Xitaa haddii aanad heesin ama aanad samaynayn, waxa ay runtii kaa caawinaysaa in codkaaga uu noqdo mid xoog badan oo cad. Aniga ahaan, waxay iga caawisaa inaan dareemo kalsooni badan. Laakiin waxaan taa ahayn, sharcigayga kale waa ma cuno ka hor intaanan heesin. Sababtoo ah qofna ma rabo inuu maqlo adiga oo sanqadha caloosha ku samaynaysa makarafoon oo waxaad u baahan tahay inaad neefsato. Oo markaa hubinta inaad haysato booskaas.

Maxamed: Iftiin haye? Iftiin ku hay. Haa.

Hannah: Markaa waan arki doonaa inta wada hadalkani ka dhigayo podcast-ka. Laakin waxa aad halkan ka haysaa khabiir idaacad ku takhasusay. Talooyin iyo tabaha aad ku yeelan karto cod cajiib ah dhacdadaada podcast ee soo socota. Isku day, waad ogtahay. Waa hagaag. Hagaag, aad baad u mahadsantahay, Mo. Kuuma sheegi karo sida aan ugu faraxsanahay inaad maanta igu soo biirtay istuudiyaha. Waxaan rajeynayaa in dhagaystayaasheenu ay wax badan ka saarayaan sheekadeena oo ay aad uga fakarayaan haddii ay yihiin milkiilayaasha ganacsiga yaryar ama dadka caawiya ganacsiyada yaryar, habab kala duwan oo loo fekero waxaana rajeyneynaa inaan dhammaanteen ka shaqeyn karno nafteena oo aan wanaajino habka aan isku caawinno. . Markaa aad baad u mahadsantahay.

Maxamed: Oh, waad ku mahadsan tahay martiqaadka. Runtii aad ayaan uga mahadcelinayaa. Waana ku faraxsanahay inaan halkan joogo. waan ku arkayaa Haa. Oo waxaan helay inaan ka hadlo wax ku saabsan bulshadayda, waad ogtahay. Mahadsanid. Sababtoo ah waxaan jeclahay bulshadan. Halkaasna waxaan mar walba aaminsanahay inay jirto shaqo badan oo halkaas lagu qabanayo. Laakiin waxaan ku soconaa wadadii saxda ahayd. Waxaana jeclahay inaan dadka caawiyo. Waana intaas oo dhan. Markaa waad ku mahadsan tahay inaad i haysato. Runtii aad ayaan uga mahadcelinayaa. Waxay ahayd madadaalo Waxaan rajeynayaa inaan mar kale soo noqon karo oo aan ka hadlo waxyaabo kala duwan.

Hannah: Haa, gabi ahaanba. Haa. Waayahay Markaa i sii Suuqa Weyn ee Kala Duwanaanta Cinwaanka website-ka Golaha. Hagaag, markaa shabakadeenu waa Waayahay Taasi waa, taasi waa, sidaas ayaad nagu heli kartaa ee nala soo xiriir.

Hannah: waayahay. waan jeclahay Hagaag mahadsanid markale. Waxaadna leedahay dabaal-dag aad u wanaagsan oo Juneteenth ah waxaana rajeynayaa in dhammaan xafladaha ay si wanaagsan kuugu socdaan.

Maxamed: aniguna sidaas oo kale ayaan rajaynayaa. Cimiladuna waxay noqon doontaa mid wanaagsan. Markaa waan rajaynayaa.

Hannah: Taasi waa kala badh dagaalkii.

Maxamed: sax. Markaa. Waa hagaag. Mahadsanid.

Hannah: mahadsanid. Waxay ahayd wax lagu farxo.



Show notes in Somali


Ku soo dhawoow Ganacsigayga Minnesota, podcast-ka aan kaga hadlayno dhammaan ganacsiga yaryar ee koonfurta Minnesota. Waxaan la hadli doonaa khabiiro waxaanan ka jawaabi doonaa su’aalahaaga ganacsi ee ku saabsan lacagta, suuq-geynta, ilaha aadanaha iyo wax ka badan. Waxaan sidoo kale wareysan doonaa milkiilayaasha ganacsiga maxalliga ah iyo ganacsatada si ay wax uga bartaan safarradooda ganacsi ee yaryar. Podcast-ka ganacsigeyga Minnesota waxa martigeliyay aniga, Hannah Bretz, oo ah lataliye ka tirsan Xarunta Horumarinta Ganacsiga Yaryar ee Koonfurta Dhexe .


Waxaa na taageertay oo na kafaala qaaday Jaamacadda Gobolka Minnesota, Mankato. Hadda aan u dhaadhacno ganacsiga yaryar.


Hagaag, salaan oo ku soo dhawaada Podcast-ka Ganacsiga Minnesota. Tani waa martidaada, Hannah Bretz. Aad ayaan ugu faraxsanahay inaan ku soo dhaweeyo Rovena Claxton bandhigga maanta. Hi, Rovena. Sidee tahay?


Haah, hi, Hannah. Waad ku mahadsan tahay inaad i haysato maanta. Way fiican tahay inaad halkan joogtid.


Aniga iyo adiga waxaan ku jirnaa isla kooxda xarunta horumarinta ganacsiga yaryar.


Haa, waxaanu ku jirnaa Kooxda Horumarinta Ganacsiga Yaryar ee Koonfurta Dhexe .


Rovena waa qofka aan u diro macaamiishayda marka ay qabaan wax su’aalo ah oo ku saabsan ilaha aadanaha ama shaqaaleysiinta. Waxaanan is lahaa maanta waxay inoo noqon doontaa fursad weyn oo aan kaga hadalno kheyraadka aadanaha. Rovena waxay ku taal Grand Marais.


Waxaan joogaa Grand Marais. Haa Waxaan xirfadayda oo dhan ku qaatay doorar kala duwan oo ku saabsan mihnadda kheyraadka aadanaha laga soo bilaabo magdhow iyo faa’iidooyin shaqo qorista iyo shaqada iyo badbaadada iyo xiriirka shaqaalaha, dacwadaha, iwm. Oo anigoo 20 sano oo dheeri ah ka soo shaqeeyay Magaalooyinka Mataanaha ah, waxaan u soo guuray halkan ilaa Grand Marais, Minnesota, oo ku taal xeebta Lake Superior oo aan bilaabay ganacsi yar oo ii gaar ah isla markaaba masiibada ka hor oo waxaan bilaabay inaan la shaqeeyo Xarunta Horumarinta Ganacsiga Yaryar ee Mankato wax yar ka dib.


Markaa waxaan la shaqaynayay milkiilayaasha meheradaha yaryar ee kala duwan dhawrkii sano ee la soo dhaafay. Dhammaan noocyada kala duwan ee warshadaha iyo ganacsiga. Iyadoo xirfadeyda ay ugu horrayn ku qaadatay wax soo saarka iyo ganacsiyada la xiriira daryeelka caafimaadka ee dalka oo dhan, waad ogtahay, waxaan aad ugu riyaaqay la shaqeynta ganacsiyada yaryar ee bilaabaya. Waa xamaasad aniga ila ah sababtoo ah ninkeyga iyo aniga waxaan runtii ganacsi tafaariiqeed yar ku yeelannay Magaalooyinka Mataanaha 15kii sano ee la soo dhaafay.


Taas hadda waanu ka shaqaynayna meel fog, laakiin waanu samaynaynay muddo dheer oo nagu filan, mahad ahaan, inaan taas samayn karno. Laakin haa, taasi waa dariiq aad u fog in la yiraahdo waxaan ka baxay shahaadada.


Waxaan jeclaan lahaa inaan hadda joogo Grand Marais. Si aan daacad kuu noqdo. Waa sidee qoyaanka meeshaas? Aad bay u xun tahay halkan .


Hagaag, waxaan mahad leh ugu dambeyntii helnay roob. Waxa na soo maray May iyo June aad u qallalan, taasina had iyo jeer waa khatarta dabka kaymaha, dabka ka kacaya halkan.


Hubaal, hubaal.


Way fiicantahay. Way fiicantahay in la helo huurka iyo roobka halka aan uga mahadcelineyno.


Haa, waan ogolahay. Grand Marais waa meel aad u qurux badan. Waxaan booqdaa halkaas mar kasta oo aan u kaco waqooyiga, iyo qaar ka mid ah makhaayadaha aan jeclahay waxay ku yaalaan Grand Marais. Iyo muuqaalka, quruxda Xeebta Waqooyi, waa uun yaab.


Laakiin waxaan ku tiirsanahay meeshan oo ah meel aan si gaar ah ugu tiirsanahay ganacsiyadayada yaryar. Markaa sida deegaankaaga, waa nooca garaaca wadnaha ee bulshada, taasi waa hubaal.


Wax yar ma iiga sheegi kartaa ganacsigaaga tafaariiqda ee aad weli ku leedahay Magaalooyinka Mataanaha ah?


Haa, waa ganacsi yar oo daabacaadda iyo maraakiibta. Waxaanu shaqaynaa lix maalmood todobaadkii ilaa 7da fiidnimo waxaanan leenahay, aad ogtahay, noocyo kala duwan oo aan u adeegno ganacsiyada iyo sidoo kale shakhsiyaadka leh adeegyada fakiska iyo daabacaadda, adeegyada maraakiibta, sanduuqa boostada . Markaa, haa, taas ayaanu samaynaynay dhawr sano .


Cajiib. Hagaag, aan sii wadno fikirkaas oo aan ka hadalno maxay yihiin qaar ka mid ah waxyaabaha ugu horreeya ee milkiilaha ganacsiga cusubi uu rabo inuu tixgeliyo haddii ay qorsheynayaan inay yeeshaan shaqaale marka ay bilaabayaan ganacsigooda?


Waad ogtahay, Hannah, marar badan waxaa la ii tilmaamaa khabiir HR. Wax yar ka dib markii ay maalgelin ka helaan bangiga ama, aad ogtahay, deeqda ama meel kasta oo ay ka helayaan maalgelintooda. Marar badanna mulkiilaha meherad yar si , aad ogtahay, u helo lacagtaas bilowga ah waxay ahayd inuu bixiyo qorshe ganacsi. Qorshaha ganacsigu guud ahaan wuxuu qeexi doonaa, waad ogtahay, qaybaha muhiimka ah ee ganacsiga, oo ay ku jiraan shaqaaleysiinta.


Markaa milkiilayaasha ganacsigu waxay leeyihiin fikrad ah nooca mindida ay u baahan yihiin. Taas waxaa la yiraahdaa, waxaan had iyo jeer kula taliyaa milkiile ganacsi kasta oo yar yar inuu aad ugu dhawaado bilaabista ganacsiga oo uu sidaas ku ahaado inta lagu jiro noloshaada ganacsigaaga oo dhan sababtoo ah waxaad ogtahay waxaad u maleyneyso inaad u baahan tahay Bilaabista waxay noqon kartaa mid macquul ah hel, waad ogtahay, inaad rabto inaad hesho shaqaale waqtiyo iyo saacado iyo maalmo usbuuca qaarkood, laakiin waa inaad barataa socodka macaamiishaada.


Waa inaad si dhab ah u fahantaa ganacsigaaga oo aad diyaar u tahay inaad isku daydo waxyaabo kala duwan. Ganacsigeena yar, ma kuu sheegi karo inta jeer ee ninkeyga aan sameynay jadwalka shaqada sababtoo ah waxaan ku qasbanahay inaan ogaano isku dhafka saxda ah ee shaqaalaha waqti-dhiman sababtoo ah waxay ku siinayaan dabacsanaan badan, shaqaale waqti buuxa ah, sababtoo ah mararka qaarkood way badan yihiin. ka go’an oo diyaar u ah inuu sii joogo muddo dheer.


Markaa dhammaan waxyaalahaas ayaa xoogaa tijaabo u ah milkiilaha ganacsi ee cusub, waana inaad diyaar u noqotaa inaad isku daydo oo aad dib u qalabayso oo aad si dhab ah u ilaaliso socodka macaamiishaada iyo arrimo kale oo, aad ogtahay, inay kaa caawiyaan inaad fahamto waxa ugu fiican. qaabka shaqaalaha. Sababtoo ah inaad mid abuurto macnaheedu maaha inaad ka heli karto dadka deegaanka maanta.


Shaqaalaysiinta dadka waa soo jeedin qaali ah. Waxay isu diyaarinaysaa inay qaali ku noqoto gobolka Minnesota sababtoo ah sharciyada cusub ee soo baxaya labada sano ee soo socda, haa, waxaa jira faa’iidooyin gaar ah oo lagu amrayo shaqo-bixiye kasta, haddii aad shaqaaleysiiso. hal qof ama 50, waa inay u hoggaansamaan, sida fasaxa mushaharka ah, fasaxa jirada, fasaxa qoyska oo la bixiyo oo ay helaan xanuun iyo waqti ay badbaadiyaan, kuwaas oo dhamaantood ah waxyaalaha ugu horreeya ee milkiilayaasha ganacsiga yaryar.


Maadaama aad aqoonsatay qaabka shaqaalaynta ee aad u malaynayso inuu ku shaqayn doono macnaheedu maaha inaad heli karto dadkaas. Mid ka mid ah caqabadaha ugu waaweyn ee hadda haysta milkiilayaashayada ganacsiyada yaryar ayaa ah helitaanka iyo haynta shaqaalaha. Waxaan haynaa qaar ka mid ah shaqo la’aanta ugu hooseeya ee dalka waxayna sii socotay, waad ogtahay, labadii sano ee la soo dhaafay, taasoo ka dhigaysa mid aad u adag in la helo shaqaale.


Waxaan leeyahay ganacsiyo yaryar oo midba midka kale ka waaniyo marka ay kala hadlayaan shaqaaleysiinta bulshadayada. Kaliya dheh haa, sababtoo ah, waad ogtahay, intee in le’eg baaris ayaad runtii sameyn kartaa? Haddii qofku yahay qof doonaya inuu shaqeeyo, shaqaalayso sannadkii hore ama deriskaaga jaarka ah ayaa helaya. Markaa waa tartan aad u adag. Markaa taasi waa sabab kale oo ay tahay inaad si dhab ah uga fikirto waxa aad runtii u baahan tahay.


Qaali ah Way adag tahay in la helo.


Waxaan leeyahay saaxiib ku jira Human Resources oo ii sheegay hal ama laba jeer in habka shaqaalaysiinta uu yahay in ay qabato muraayad ilaa afkooda oo ay aragto haddii ay si sax ah u neefsanayaan.


Waa laakiin, waad ogtahay, waxaa jira ganacsiyo yaryar oo aan la galay kuwaas oo si fiican u sameeya mana sameeyaan sababtoo ah waxay bixiyaan lacagta ugu badan, sababtoo ah taasi waa dagaal aan weligeed dhammaanayn . Markaad isku daydo inaad ka baxdo tartanka, waxaad ogtahay, dhinaca mushaharka. Laakiin waxa aan maanta ka naqaano dadka iyo cududeena maanta waa in ay jiraan dhawr waxyaalood oo runtii aad ugu casrisan waxa ay dadku maanta raadinayaan.


Had iyo jeer waxay ahayd, waxaan ka ognahay shaqada sanado iyo tobanaan sano ee ururka Gallup in ka qayb qaadashada shaqaaluhu ay tahay hawl ka timid sahan ay ku sameeyeen boqollaal kun oo shaqaale ah in laba shay ay muhiim yihiin. Mid waa madax ii danaysa. Midda labaadna waa saaxiibka ugu fiican shaqada. Hadda, waxaan lahaa dadku inay fikiraan, aniga oo samaynaya sahan shaqaale iyo ururo taas oo runtii muhiim ah .


Ma lahaan lahaa saaxiib fiican oo shaqada ah, ayay yiraahdeen, sababtoo ah shaqadayda iyo qoyskaygu waxay ku jiraan noloshayda gaarka ah waa kala duwanaansho. Sax? Laakiin fikradda ayaa ah in ay tahay deegaan kulliyadeed, halkaas oo, aad ogtahay, aan haysto dad i danaynaya oo aan daneeyo.


Waan ka mahadcelinayaa taas. Mid ka mid ah madaxdii iigu horreysay ee aan ka baxay kulliyadda ayaa odhan jirtay weligeed ma imanayso hawlo shaqaale ah. Weligeed ma samaynayso saacad farxadeed ama wax kasta. Oo waxaan waydiiyay sababta ay sidaas u samaysay, waxayna igu tidhi, si fiican, noloshayda shaqada iyo noloshayda gaarka ah aad ayaan u kala fogeynayaa. Taasna gabi ahaanba waan fahmi karaa, sida dhinaca sirta ah.


Oo waxaad u baahan tahay inaad noloshaada khaaska ah ku hayso ixtiraam si aad u hubiso inay jirto kala soocida caafimaadka dhimirka. Laakiin shay kale oo aan tixgelinayo ayaa ah, waxaan ula jeedaa, haddii aad rabto inaad ku qaadato 40 saacadood oo dheeri ah toddobaad kasta noloshaada oo aad la shaqeyso dadkan, waa inaad nooc ka mid ah xiriir shaqsiyeed la yeelato ugu yaraan mid iyaga ka mid ah si aad u hubiso taas waxaad dareemeysaa isku xirnaan iyo inaad haysato nooc ka mid ah taageerada niyadeed.


Waxaan u malayn lahaa marka aad la kulanto caqabado in shaqadaada aan ula jeedo, taasi macno ma kuu leedahay?


Dhab ahaantii. Hadda, waad ogtahay, gaar ahaan dalxiiska xagaaga, macaamiisha ganacsigu waxay noqon karaan kuwo aad u adag oo aad u baahan oo aad u baahan, gaar ahaan marka aan leenahay ganacsiyo yar yar. Oo sidaas daraaddeed in la yeesho madax diyaar u ah inuu ku caawiyo gelitaanka halkaas. Ka warran inaad haysato saaxiib i samatabbixin doona dhinac oo ay ku adag tahay macaamilka? Waxaas oo dhami waxay ku saleysan yihiin nooca jawiga shaqada iyo dhaqanka, oo aad ogtahay, in ganacsadaha ganacsigu uu runtii door weyn ku leeyahay abuurista iyo shaqaaleysiinta dadka, oo aad ogtahay, laga yaabo inaysan lahayn xirfado laakiin ay baran karaan oo diyaar u ah inay shaqeeyaan. si wada jir ah koox ahaan iyo in ay kaalintooda u gutaan.


Midda kale ee aan ka naqaanno xoogga shaqada ee maanta waa in ay eegayaan dhowr waxyaalood oo dheeraad ah. Midi waa dabacsanaanta dheelitirka nolosha shaqada. Haa. Markaa awood u yeelashada, waad ogtahay, inaad fasax dheer ku haysato ganacsi aad u mashquulsan, waad ogtahay, laba inay sameeyaan waxyaabo ay jecel yihiin inay si caqli gal ah u raacaan hiwaayadda. Sidaas darteed milkiilaha ganacsigu inuu diyaar u yahay inuu dabacsanaado intii suurtogal ah waa muhiim.


Taas oo keliya maaha, dadku waxay raadinayaan inay helaan fursado ay ku horumariyaan oo ay ku koraan shaqada oo ay wax ku bartaan, mararka qaarkoodna waxay u baahan yihiin inay fahmaan in taasi ay tahay waxa dhacaya, waxaad ogtahay, inay dareemaan caqabado aad u adag oo, waxaad ogtahay, qaar ka mid ah fursadaha soo gala inta lagu jiro maalinta ganacsiga caadiga ah, laakiin adiga ganacsi ahaan waxaad ka caawin kartaa inay horumariyaan oo koraan oo bartaan.


Haddii aad taas ka hadasho, haddii aad tiraahdo, haa, in tani ay tahay mid ka mid ah waxyaabaha noo shaqeeya ayaa noqon doona mid muhiim ah oo aad ka heli doonto natiijada shaqada halkan, waxaad heli doontaa fursad kori xirfadahan, waxaanan hubin doonaa inay taasi dhacdo. Mid ka mid ah milkiilayaasha ganacsiga ee aan la soo shaqeeyay labadii sano ee la soo dhaafay ayaa qabta shaqo aad u wanaagsan oo taas sameeyo.


Ma bixiso lacagta ugu badan ee beesheeda gaarka ah , laakiin waxay dejisay deegaan aad u daryeel badan. Had iyo jeer waxay la xidhiidhaa shaqaalahaaga. Sidee u socotaa? Ma ogtahay, sidee qoyskaagu u samaynayaa ? Waxay og yihiin inay og tahay inay caqabado soo mareen, waad ogtahay, inay siisay boos, waad ogtahay, inay leeyihiin jawi shaqo oo danaynaya inay fadhiistaan ka dib shaqada ama shay oo ay waqti la qaataan qofkaas oo ay sidoo kale siiyaan fursad ay uga shaqeeyaan dukaanka tafaariiqda ah ee cadaaladda ah ee weyn halkaas oo ay jecel yihiin inay ka shaqeeyaan, halkaas oo ay ku leeyihiin hamiday ku saabsan alaabta.


Mararka qaarkood loo-shaqeeyayaashu ma bixin karaan xirmooyinka waxtarka. Waxaan la shaqeeyaa shaqo-bixiyeyaal badan oo dareemaya inay u baahan yihiin inay bixiyaan dheefaha. Mararka qaarkood waa inaad si dhab ah u abuurtaa taas sababtoo ah faa’iidooyinka aad bay qaali noogu yihiin inaan bixinno, gaar ahaan ganacsi yar. Laakiin waa dhiirigelinta, waa hadiyadda dhalashada, waa qiimo dhimista dukaanka, waa fursadda ay kula shaqeeyaan alaabada cusub iyo waxyaabaha laga yaabo inay xiiseeyaan, gaar ahaan sida bulshada fanka ama bulshada isboortiga.


Kuwaasi waa waxyaabaha isbeddelaya.


Hannah Waxaad iga dhigaysaa inaan dib ugu soo laabto, waxaan u malaynayaa, waxa ay u badan tahay tan ugu xiisaha badan iyo shaqada aan abid haysto. Waxaan u shaqeeyay Williams-Sonoma Kitchen Supply Store intii lagu jiray fasaxa degdega ah, iyo, oh, waxaan u helnay qiimo dhimis 40% ah alaabta. Markaa run ahaantii waxaan ku qarashgareeyay lacag ka badan tii aan sameeyay markii aan halkan ka shaqeeyay. Laakin aad baan u baashaalayay waayo dadkii macaamiishii soo galayay dukaankaas waad ogtihiin inay ahaayeen alaabo qaali ah oo macmiisha soo gali jirtay dukaankaas aad bay u qiiroodeen waxyaabo lamid ah kuwii aan qiirada ka qabay. .


Oo, waad ogtahay, waxaan bilaabay inaan baro xirfadaha mindida oo waxaan helay wax badan oo ku saabsan mindiyaha cunnada iyo alaabta kala duwan oo aan baro fasalada cuntada ee dukaanka. Kadibna waxaan aadi lahaa guriga anigoo wata waxyaalahan oo dhan runtii, runtii aad u fiican maryo iyo alaab miis la hubiyay . Qof kasta oo sanadkaas ah wuxuu helay hadiyad Christmas-ka Williams-Sonoma. Laakiin sida aad u hadlayso, waxa ay i xasuusinaysaa dareenka dareenka ku saabsan waxa aad ka qabanayso ururka, waxaan ula jeedaa, in ay ahayd shaqo adag sababtoo ah waxay ahayd fasax degdeg ah dukaanka in ugu horrayn loo dejiyay sidii hadiyad bixinta tafaariiqda. .


Wayna adkeyd, laakiin ma xasuusto inay igu adkeyd sababtoo ah waxaan lahaa madadaalo badan.


Hagaag, taasina waa wax, waad ogtahay, waxaad ilaalin doontaa xirfadahaas iyo saldhigga aqoonta noloshaada oo dhan. Waxaan ula jeedaa, waxaad halkaas ka baratay, waxaad dib ugu soo wici doontaa dhowr jeer, waan hubaa inaad ogtahay, inta aad nooshahay. Markaa, waad ogtahay, kuwani waa noocyada waxyaallaha isbeddelka sameeya. Ka-qaybgalka ganacsigaaga oo aad ka fahanto waxa run ahaantii socda waa shay kale oo muhiim ah.


Waad ogtahay, waxaan si aad ah ula qabsanay sida milkiilayaasha ganacsiyada yaryar iyo, waad ogtahay, ka welwelsan tahay, waad ogtahay, dakhligayaga, ka werwerka, waad ogtahay, inta shay ee ay ku kacayso silsilada sahayda, waad ogtahay, in mararka qaarkood aynaan bixin in badan oo ka mid ah shaqaalahayaga iyo qaar ka mid ah baahiyahooda oo ay tahay inaan u fiirsano. Taasina waa marka aan ku tilmaamo arrintii la yaabka lahayd ee hore ama mid ka mid ah shaqaalahaaga aadka u qiimaha badan, waxaad garanaysaa, tusaale ahaan qof runtii shaqada laga eryay oo aad u xiiseeyey ganacsiga, ogow, si lama filaan ah ayey kuugu soo degtay wuxuu yidhi, waad ogtahay, waxaan u baxayaa fursad kale.


Waad ogtahay, taasi waa qalbi jabka shaqo-bixiyaha maanta. Iyo sabab kale oo ay muhiim u tahay in aad fiiro gaar ah u yeelato dhaqdhaqaaqa ganacsigaaga.


Mm hmm.


Haa. Iyo wax kale oo aan inta badan la shaqeeyo, loo-shaqeeyayaasha bilaabaya waa qaar ka mid ah waxyaabo badan oo looga baahan yahay aragtida u hoggaansanaanta, ka ganacsiga gobolka Minnesota. Waad ogtahay, si cad marka aad dejiso ganacsigaaga, waa inaad bixisaa caymiska shaqada, waa inaad haysataa caymiska shaqaalaha, waa inaad haysataa caymiska shaqo la’aanta, waad ogtahay, waxyaabo dabeecaddaas leh.


Laakiin waxaa jira waxyaabo badan oo kala duwan oo aad sidoo kale ka samaynayso boodhadhkaaga goobta shaqada si aad u ogeysiiso inaad siiso shaqaalahaaga marka aad shaqaaleysiiso. Taasi waxay noqon kartaa jahawareer. Taasi dhib ma leedahay? Haddii aad samayn waydo oo lagu qabto, waxa lagu ganaaxi doonaa dawladda. Oo waad ogtahay, aniga, waxaan inta badan u sheegaa loo shaqeeyaha inay jiraan saddex shay haddii aad waligaa dhibaato kala kulanto dhinaca shaqada.


Marka aynu run sheegno way jiraan oo dadka intooda badan waxaan u malaynayaa inay rabaan inay shaqo fiican qabtaan oo ay u yimaadaan inay shaqeeyaan, laakiin waxaa jiri doona dad ganacsi kasta leh oo aan noolayn ama, aad ogtahay, oo aad ogtahay, samaynayso. Waad ogtahay, qaar ka mid ah cabsida aad ka baqeyso, kuwaas oo ah iska hor imaadyada macaamiisha, xatooyada, daroogooyinka, tiro kasta oo waxyaabo ah oo ku sii socon kara xooggaaga shaqada ee la sheegay in aan shaqada imaanin oo aan xitaa wicin.


Markaa mid ka mid ah waxyaabaha aan u sheego loo shaqeeyaha inuu sameeyo ama u soo jeediyo iyaga inay bilaabaan waa inay dejiyaan qaar ka mid ah shuruuc shaqo oo aasaasi ah oo ku saabsan sida aad ganacsi u samaynayso. Taasi waa qaab-dhismeedka uu ganacsi kastaa u baahan yahay shaqaalaha dhabta ah ee wanaagsan , sababtoo ah shaqaalaha dhabta ah waxay og yihiin in dadka aan keenin, miisaankooda jiidaya, ay u jiidayaan miisaankooda marka milkiilaha ganacsigu uu eegayo, laakiin malaha ma aha.


Shaqaale aad u wanaagsanna waa inuu qabto shaqada marka uu milkiilaha ganacsigu eegayo oo dadka kale ay caajisaan. Markaa dejinta xeerarka ku saabsan, waad ogtahay, wax kasta oo ka imanaya xeerka labiska ilaa la shaqaynta macaamiisha si aad hawsha u nadiifiso ka dib marka aad shaqada ku timaado wakhtigii loogu talagalay, dhammaan waxyaalahaas oo dhan waa qaab-dhismeedyo aad muhiim u ah in loo sameeyo shaqaalahaaga ugu fiican iyo sidoo kale shaqaalahaaga kuwaas oo noqon doona caqabad.


Taasi ma waxay la mid tahay nooca buug-gacmeedka shaqaalaha oo aad dejin lahayd xeerarkaas?


Haa, taasi waa hal dariiqo oo loo sameeyo. Waad ogtahay, waxaan sameeyay taageero ku filan, waad ogtahay, xaaladaha adag iyo dacwadaha iyo wixii la mid ah inaan u sheegi doono loo-shaqeeyaha, difaacaaga ugu fiican, waligaa wax dhibaato ah ayaad kala kulantaa waa seddex shay. Saddex shay oo ay tahay in maskaxda lagu hayo. Bilaabida buug-gacmeed leh xeerar shaqo, sharraxaad shaqo oo aad u gaar ah waxa laga filayo inay qabtaan iyo waxa lagula xisaabtamayo.


Dabadeed ta saddexaad waa qiimaynta waxqabadkooda. Haddii aad qabto cabasho shaqaale, haddii ay u tagaan Golaha Xuquuqul Insaanka oo ay yidhaahdaan waa la takooray, waxay ka cabanayaan mushaharka oo ay u gudbiyaan Waaxda Mushaharka iyo Saacadaha, taasi waa waxyaabaha ugu horreeya ee uu baadho kastaa tago. in lagu weydiiyo waa nuqul ka mid ah sharraxaadda shaqada, nuqul ka mid ah buug-gacmeedkaaga ama xeerarka shaqada, iyo qiimayntoodii ugu dambaysay.


Ganacsigeena, waan sameynaa . Oo maaha inay noqoto sida laga yaabo inaad dib u soo celisay shirkad ama dibadda, waad ogtahay, qiimaynta waxqabadku waa sida dukumeenti bogag badan ama shay. Waxay noqon kartaa oo kaliya fadhi fadhi ku qoran oo shaqaale ah. Taasi waa wada hadal 30 maalmood gudahood. Gudaha, waxaad ku qaadaneysaa 15 ama 20 daqiiqo inaad la fariisato shaqaalahaaga oo aad tiraahdo, Waa kan waxa fiican, waa kan waxa aad u baahan tahay inaad ka shaqeyso, Dukumeenti daba gal ah.


Waad og tahay, weydii waxa ay uga baahan yihiin dhinaca taageerada si ay u sameeyaan isbeddel kasta oo lagama maarmaan ah oo ay u fududeeyaan, laakiin dukumeenti sababtoo ah haddii ay dhibaato kaa haysato, taasi waxay noqon doontaa waxa aad awoodid inaad soo saarto. Si loo sheego in tani aysan ahayn shaqo-joojin khalad ah, qofkani wuxuu heystaa fursad kasta oo uu ku guuleysto waxaana la siiyay tababarkii uu u baahnaa si uu sidaas u sameeyo, laakiin waxay fahmeen sharciyada shaqada sababtoo ah waxay heystaan buug-gacmeed ay saxiixeen.


Markaa gobolka Minnesota, waad ogtahay, su’aashaada ku saabsan buug-gacmeedka, uma baahnid inaad mid haysato. Laakiin gobolku wuxuu leeyahay haddii aad mid leedahay, dhammaan sababaha aan hadda soo sheegay dartood, waxyaabaha qaarkood waa inay ku jiraan halkaas. Markaa waa meesha aan ka soo galo dhinaca Khabiirka HR markaan helo tixraaca waxaan kala shaqayn karaa loo-shaqeeyayaashayada waxyaalahaas oo kale.


Waxaan xusuustaa mansabkii ugu horreeyay ee maamulka. Waxa aan ku jiray xaalad nasiib darro ah oo ah in aan qof sii daayo iyo habka samaynta taasi waxay ahayd mid aad u dheer oo adag ilaa heer la socodka waxqabadka ugu fiican ama la’aanta shaqaalahan gaarka ah ay qaadatay 50% wakhtiga aan ka shaqeynayey shirkadda. In la diiwaangeliyo, diiwaan gelinta waxqabad liidata, diiwaangelin hoos-u-dhac, la fadhiiso shaqaalahan dhammaadka maalin kasta oo aad tidhaahdo, ok, maxaad maanta qabatay?


ii soo dir iimayl si aan u ogaado inaad shaqada qabatay maanta. Waxay ahayd mid aad u adag. Mahadsanidiin waxaa jiray buug-gacmeedka shaqaalaha oo uu shaqaaluhu ku saxeexay heshiis xeerarka shaqada ee ururkaas. Laakiin xitaa markaa wali way ahayd, waad ogtahay, anagoo ah loo-shaqeeye ahaan, shirkaddaydu waxay ahayd inay ahaato mid wanaagsan in ay haystaan sabab kasta oo ay qofkan ku sii daayaan iyo sababtoo ah waxaa jira saameyno badan oo lagu sii daayo qof shaqaale ah, gaar ahaan haddii aad sameyso Buuga ha ku samayn


Taasi miyay ka mid tahay xaalada shirkada ama xaalada loo shaqeeyaha ee qofka aan raacin shuruucda ganacsiga ?


Waa marginal. Arrimaha waxqabadka ama dhiirigelinta. Had iyo jeer waxaan weydiiyaa, ma ogtahay, qofku ma yahay mid awood u leh inuu qabto shaqadaas? Weligood ma qabteen shaqadaas? Taasi waxay kaa caawinaysaa inaad fahamto? Sidee bay weligood shaqadaas u qabteen si aad ugu qanacsan tahay? Taasi waxay kaa caawinaysaa inaad fahanto inay tahay arin xirfadeed iyo inay tahay mid liidata bilawga, malaha waxaad samaysay khalad shaqaaleysiin mise waa arin dhiirigalin ah?


Waxay qaban karaan shaqada. Haddii aysan ahayn dhammaan waxyaalahan kale ee ku socda noloshooda gaarka ah, ama aysan ku dhiirigelin inay waxyaabo kale maskaxdooda ku soo qaadaan, wax kasta, ma ogtahay? Markaa waxay ila tahay inaad marka hore ka jawaabto su’aashaas sababtoo ah waxay awood u leedahay, waad ogtahay, inay kuu tilmaamto koorsada aad ku socoto. Waxa aad ku qeexday waa arrinta waxqabadka muddada dheer oo si daacad ah, mararka qaarkood aan ka helo ganacsiyada yaryar gaar ahaan, marka aad ogtahay, waxaad heshay, waxaad ogtahay, laba ama saddex shaqaale, waa dhererka xilligaaga. .


Aad baad u mashquulsan tahay. Si daacadnimo ah, waxa dhacaya milkiilaha ganacsiga yar ayaa tagaya, ma arkin taas, waayo waan ogahay inay tahay inaan runtii la hadlo iyaga, laakiin waad ogtahay, waxaan u baahanahay inay shaqeeyaan, waad ogtahay, wax kasta oo ay sameynayaan ayaa ka wanaagsan marka loo eego qof la’aan.


Weli way neefsanayaan, sax?


Haa, wali way neefsanayaan laba sano. Waxay u egtahay mid aad u dhow mar hore, waad ogtahay, taasina nasiib daro waxay u xaareysaa qaar ka mid ah xanuunka dhabta ah sababtoo ah xaaladaha, sida aad si gaar ah u sharaxday aad bay u kala duwan yihiin, adag yihiin, waxaan u maleynayaa mararka qaarkood inaan arko milkiilayaasha dukaamada ama milkiilayaasha ganacsiga yaryar kuwaas oo aad u badan. kadeed ka badan inta shaqaaluhu waligiis dhammaatay.


Tani. Oh, haa. Waa sida, wow, maxaa ka khaldan sawirkan? Waa maxay sababta aan culayska u qabo? Oo waxay u eg yihiin in aan la wareerin, ma ogtahay? Markaa, waad ogtahay, waxaan filayaa inay muhiim tahay in la aqoonsado, waad ogtahay, iyo buug-gacmeedyada. Had iyo jeer waxaan aqoonsadaa waxyaalaha, aad ogtahay, inay keeni doonaan in isla markiiba shaqada lagaa joojiyo, waad ogtahay, baadhitaan ka dib. Caadi ahaan dadka kulama taliyo inay dadka goobta ka eryaan.


Waad ogtahay, guud ahaan waxaan ku idhi guriga u soo dir, ficilkiinna wada qaata, sababtoo ah inta badan kani waa milkiile ganacsi waalan xilligan. Waad ogtahay, waa shaqaalahaaga. Weligaa qof xanaaqsan ha eryin. Taasi waa meesha aad ka hesho dhibaatooyinka. Waayahay? Taasi waa sax. Isku soo ururi, guriga u dir, ka dibna go’aami waxaad rabto inaad samayso. I soo wac, waad taqaan, ama la-taliyahaaga HR, waan ka hadli doonaa. Laakiin, waad ogtahay, waxaan isku dayaa in aan xeerarka shaqada ku qeexo waxa dembiyada aan loo dulqaadan karin waxa aan ugu yeero. Waad ogtahay, xatooyo daroogooyinka, waxaad ogtahay, hoos-u-dhaca macaamiisha ama macaamilka, waxaad ogtahay, ixtiraam-darrada macaamilka, waxaad ogtahay, waxyaabo dabeecaddaas ah oo kaliya oo aan loo dulqaadan karin, ka dibna, waad ogtahay, qeex taas. Waad ogtahay, inay tahay rabitaankaaga inaad isticmaasho edbinta horumarka ama ficilka sixitaanka.


Waxaan si fiican u jeclahay ficilka sixitaanka ee dadka waaweyn, sax? Haa. Waad ogtahay, markaa taasi waa la door bidaa sababtoo ah waxaan rabaa inaan kula shaqeeyo, laakiin waxaad u baahan tahay inaad fahanto inaanan wax u dhimi doonin waxa aan filayo, waad ogtahay, shaqada ganacsiga adiga kula jirta. Waan ku siin doonaa tababarka iyo taageerada, waad ogtahay, sababtoo ah dadku uma baahna wax la mid ah.


Waa inaad fahamtaa in ganacsigaaga, mararka qaarkood dadku waxay qaadan doonaan xoogaa adag, waad ogtahay, wax yar ka dheer si ay u helaan, waad ogtahay, la shaqeynta boostada ama wax kasta oo laga yaabo in lagu xujeeyo. Oo waxaad doonaysaa inaad ka caawiso inay u ciyaaraan si ay awoodooda u yareeyaan oo ay u yareeyaan daciifnimadooda . Laakiin isla mar ahaantaana, waad ogtahay, in aanay weligeed si fiican u shaqaynayn marka aad kaliya, aad ogtahay, rajaynayso inay meesha ka baxdo oo aad tidhaahdo, taas beri ayaan wax ka qaban doonaa.


Had iyo jeer waxaad la bixi jirtay qas ka weyn kii haddii aad soo geli lahayd oo aad ku tidhi, Haye , tani si fiican uma socoto. Waxaan u baahanahay inaan si dhab ah u caddeeyo Mar labaad, waxa aan filayo, waxa aan samayn doono si aan ku caawiyo. Laakiin, waad ogtahay, dhawrka toddobaad ee soo socda waxaan sii wadi doonaa wadahadalka. Laakiin waa inaan arko horumar dhab ah.


Haddii kale, waa inaan kala tagnaa. Oo, waad ogtahay, waxaan u maleynayaa in, aad ogtahay, marka la diiwaangelinayo wada-hadalladaas, inaad awood u leedahay inaad bixiso haddii hadda lagugula taliyo mulkiilaha ganacsi yar, haddii ay shaqayn waydo oo aad tahay inaad qof erido, taasi maaha macnaheedu maaha inaadan siin doonin shaqo la’aanta. Waad ogtahay, waad ka doodi kartaa.


Mar waad guulaysan, marna ma guulaysan. Waad ogtahay, mararka qaarkood waxaa jira shay loo yaqaanno dheecaan wax dhisid ah oo aad taqaanid ama, aad ogtahay, wax dhisid, aad ogtahay, halka, aad ogtahay, in shaqaaluhu ka tago. Laakiin haddana waxay ku andacoonayaan in aanay jirin wax kale oo aan ahayn in ay shaqada isaga tagaan, sababta oo ah, waad ogtahay, sida loola dhaqmay iyo, waxaad ogtahay, maaraynta waxqabadkooda iyo dhammaan wixii la mid ah.


Marka, waad ogtahay, waxaa laga yaabaa inaad haysato cabasho shaqo la’aan, laakiin mararka qaarkood taasi waa qayb ka mid ah ganacsiga. Hubaal. Waad ogtahay, samee. Xasaasiyadda, ka hor tag. Haddii aad u malaynayso inaad haysato dukumeenti aad kaga doodi karto si aanay ugu dhicin akoonkaaga horay u socda. Laakiin mararka qaarkood waxay la timaadaa dhulkii, dhaqaaq oo, waad ogtahay, ha ku halganin arrimahaas oo kale.


Markaa, waad ogtahay, waxyaalahan oo dhan waa waxyaalaha maalinta dhexdeeda , aad ogtahay, inaan ka caawinayo milkiilayaasha ganacsiga yaryar.


Ma sharxi kartaa waxa uu yahay caymiska shaqo la’aanta iyo waxa ay mas’uuliyadaha saaran yihiin loo-shaqeeyayaasha gobolka Minnesota?


Hagaag, waxaan u maleynayaa inaan leenahay goobta caymiska shaqo la’aanta oo si aad u wanaagsan loogu dhisay garoon, Minnesota waxaa jira wax aad taqaan, waxaa jira qayb ka mid ah goobta loogu talagalay loo shaqeeyayaasha, qayb ka mid ah goobta loogu talagalay shaqaalaha. Waxaad is diiwaan gelisaa marka aad bilaabayso ganacsigaaga shaqo-bixiye ahaan, taasi waa sida aad ku bixin doonto cashuurtaada nidaamka adiga oo og, marka aad la shaqeyso xisaabiyahaaga, xisaabiyahaaga, waad ogtahay, waxaad buuxinaysaa saddexdii biloodba mar. , waad ogtahay, cashuuraha oo aad samaynayso liiskaaga mushaharka, ayaa bixinaya kharashaadkaaga caymiska shaqo la’aanta.


Marka, waad ogtahay, waxaas oo dhan si fiican ayaa loo qeexay oo lagu qeexay goobta. Markaa waa inaad wax ku bixisaa, waad ogtahay, shaqo la’aan. Laakiin, waad ogtahay, haddii aad leedahay shaqaale xilliyeed, waad ogtahay, haddii aad qof shaqada ka joojiso, haddii aad jarto saacadahaaga, waad ogtahay, si aad ula qabsato jadwalkaaga, waxaa laga yaabaa inay u qalmaan shaqo la’aanta oo ay galaan, waxay sheeganayaan shaqo la’aan. Ururka caymisku wuxuu kula soo laaban doonaa adiga iyo waraaqaha aad xaraysay.


Haddii aad rabto in aad ka hortimaado sheegashadooda. Laakiin haddii kale, waad ogtahay, waxaa jira xad ilaa xadka ay awoodaan inay ku ururiyaan shaqo la’aanta akoonkaaga. Waad ogtahay, waxaa jira xadka doolarka todobaadlaha ah taas oo ah qadar la xisaabiyay. Haddii aad ogtahay, waxa laga yaabaa inay kordhiso waxoogaa kharash ah oo aad hore u socoto markaad bixiso caymiskaas, sababtoo ah sida caymis kasta, waxaad ogtahay, waxaad samaysaa sheegashooyin laga yaabo inaad bixiso wax yar oo ka badan kan deriskaaga.




Laakiin waa quruxsan tahay waa qaab-dhismeed qurux badan, nidaam wanaagsan. Oo, waad ogtahay, waxay ku siinaysaa inaad ogtahay, si aan daacad kuugu ahaado, waxaan inta badan ku daraa buug-gacmeedyada, kombuyuutarrada shaqada iyo shaqo la’aanta, sababtoo ah taasi waa faa’iido la bixiyo oo hoos timaada qaybta dheefaha la bixiyo. Loo-shaqeeyayaasha waxay yiraahdeen maxaa ku jira dheefaha? Waxa ay tahay inaad bixiso manfacyada. Waa inaad haysataa caymiska shaqo la’aanta haddii ay ku dhaawacmaan ama ay dalban karaan oo lagu siin karo wakhtiga lumay ama kharashkooda caafimaad.


Mm hmm. Waxaad iyaga ku bixinaysaa caymiskaaga. U sheeg taas. Taasi waa faa’iido. Si la mid ah shaqo la’aanta. Haddii aad tahay qandaraasle madaxbannaan, ma helaysid taas. Taasi waa. Ama waxaad tahay shaqo-bixiye bixiya kharashka caymiska shaqo la’aanta iyo kharashka isku darka shaqada.


Uma maleynayo inaan waligay saxiixay qandaraas shaqo ama aan qabtay shaqo halkaas oo caymiska shaqaalaha iyo caymiska shaqa la’aanta ay dhab ahaantii ku qoran yihiin faa’iidooyin la bixiyay.


Hagaag, haa, iyo marar badan, waad ogtahay, loo-shaqeeyayaashu kama fikiraan taas, kaliya kharashka ganacsiga, kaas oo ah. Laakiin, waad ogtahay, haddii aad ahaan lahayd qandaraasle madax-banaan oo aanu kuwa ganacsigayaga ku haysanno waxaa jira waxyaabo badan oo la sameeyo iyo kuwa aan la samayn qandaraaslayaasha madaxbannaan, laakiin ma heleysid caymiskaas.


Waan ogahay inaanan ogayn.


Cudurada faafa. Sax. Intii lagu guda jiray cudurka faafa, waxaa jiray sanduuq gaar ah oo loo qoondeeyay qandaraasleyaal madax-bannaan oo shaqadooda waayay ama jadwalkooda yaraaday, waad ogtahay, shaqada oo yaraaday cudurka faafa awgeed. Laakiin taasi waxay hal mar u ahayd qandaraaslayaasha madax-bannaan oo aan caadi ahayn oo aan dib loo soo marin, rajo. Waxaan ula jeedaa, ixtiraam badan way saxan yihiin.


Waxaan qabaa su’aal ku saabsan qandaraaslayaasha madax-bannaan iyo shaqaalaha, sababtoo ah waxaan maqlay tani waxay soo baxday markii aan fadhiistay qaar ka mid ah barnaamijyada tababbarka caymiska shaqo la’aanta. Laakin hal mowduuc oo wax badan ka soo baxa ayaa ah, qofkan aan shaqaaleysanayo ma yahay, ma shaqaale baa mise waa qandaraasle madax-banaan sababtoo ah taasi waxay saamaysaa caymiska shaqo la’aanta. Oo waxaan u malaynayaa waayo-aragnimadayda inaan arkay ganacsiyo yaryar oo badan oo ula dhaqma shaqaalaha sidii qandaraasle madax-bannaan marka ay dhab ahaantii tahay inay shaqaale noqdaan.


Ma haysaa xoogaa aragti ah taas?


Taasi marna maaha wax wanaagsan. Waxaa jira , tani waxay ahayd mawduuc laga wada hadlay dhowr maamul oo kala duwan marka laga eego dhinaca Waaxda Shaqada, marka laga eego dhinaca federaalka, waxaa lagu dacweeyay maxkamadaha dib u eegis aad ogtahay, ilaa sagaashameeyadii, waxaan u shaqeeyay shirkad software ah. waqtigaas. Dhab ahaantii, maya , waxay ahayd software aan ugu yeedhay si aan habboonayn waxay ahayd shirkad tignoolajiyadeed oo runtii samaysay chips kombuyuutar.


Markii aan shaqaynayey waxa aanu ku yeelanay shaqaale ka tirsan warshadda iyo qaybtayada injineernimada oo isku dhinac ka shaqaynayey oo isla arrinkaas samaynayey. Mid ka mid ah wuxuu ahaa qandaraasle madax-bannaan, mid ka mid ah wuxuu ahaa shaqaale. Oo haddii aad maqashay kiisaska Microsoft oo dib u soo noqday maalintaas goobta software-ka iyo tignoolajiyada, taasi waxay ahayd arrin caadi ah oo si weyn looga dooday oo runtii wax badan ka jaray.


Laakiin qodobka ugu muhiimsan wuxuu ahaa inay samaynayaan wax la mid ah kan shaqaalaha ee shaqada shaqaalaha, laakiin ma aysan helin faa’iidooyinka. Loo shaqeeyaha ma bixinayn cashuurta gobolka iyaga. iyo dawladda dhexe iwm.. Markaa, waad ogtihiin, taasi waxay keentay arrinkan humongous-ka ah. IRS waxay lahaan jirtay 17 liis hubin ah markii shaqadaydu ahayd inaan u buuxiyo loo-shaqeeyahayga.


Ma qandaraasle ayey yihiin mise waa shaqaale ka hor inta aanaan go’aan ka gaarin keenista ururkayaga? Oo waxaa jiray kani wuxuu ahaa 6000 shaqo-bixiye ama urur shaqaale. Waxay ahaan jirtay mid aad u go’an oo engegan. Haa Maya. Oo way soo bixi lahayd oo waxay kuu sheegi lahayd inay qandaraasle tahay ama shaqaale. Maanta, maxkamadda iyo waaxda shaqadu waxay si aad ah u eegayaan ku tiirsanaanta dhaqaale.


Oo dhaqaale ahaan miyay kugu tiirsan yihiin, ma og tahay, nolol maalmeedkooda? Ma maamulaysaa taas ma bixinaysaa? Miyaad siisaa noocyo habraacyo ah oo ay tahay inay raacaan? Ma siisaa qalab, kombiyuutaro, iwm, si ay shaqadooda u qabsadaan? Ma macaamiil kale ma haystaan? Haddii aysan haysan macaamiil kale oo aad tahay ka kaliya ee ay u shaqeeyaan, ganacsiga kaliya ee ay u shaqeeyaan, waxaad u badan tahay inaad heshay shaqaale.


Mm hmm. Waxaa jira ciqaabo waaweyn oo loogu talagalay kala saarista khaldan. Haddii ay jirto su’aal la xidhiidha loo-shaqeeyayaasha, waxaan inta badan siin doonaa hagida xafiiska xeer ilaaliyaha guud ee Minnesota, kaas oo si gaar ah u khuseeya waxa qandaraaslaha iyo waxa uu yahay shaqaale. Laakiin waxaa jira kala saarid khaldan oo ku filan oo socota. Taasi waa in federaalka ee gobolka ay dhab ahaantii isha ku hayaan arrintan?


Mm hmm. Markaa waa, waxaan filayaa, in la baadho milkiilaha meheradda yar si uu aad uga taxadaro.


Taasi waxay ahayd fahamkayga sidoo kale. Waxaan nooc digniin ah ka helnay xafiiska shaqo la’aanta ee gobolka, sida inay dhab ahaantii samaynayaan booqashooyin goobo SBDcs, xarumaha kale ee horumarinta dhaqaalaha si ay uga digaan milkiilayaasha ganacsiga yaryar haddii ay u kala saarayaan shaqaalaha inay yihiin qandaraaslayaal madax-bannaan, oo aad ogtahay, inay yihiin ku daawashada, si aad si fiican u hubiso inaad u samaynayso habka saxda ah.


00;42;21;11 – 00;42;58;12


Sax. Halkaa. Lama shaqeeyo ganacsiyo yaryar oo aad u badan, si daacad ah, oo runtii leh qandaraaslayaal madax-bannaan. Waa aad ogtahay, haddii aadan haysan nooc ganacsi ah, waad ogtahay, laga yaabee latalin xirfadle ah ama wax la mid ah, halkaas oo aad ku leedahay qandaraasle haysta macaamiil badan oo kala duwan oo ay u shaqeeyaan, waad ogtahay, daryeelka caafimaadka ama fayoobaanta. garoonka.


Runtii waa dhif iyo naadir in aan helo ganacsiyo leh qandaraaslayaal madax-bannaan oo run ahaantii hoos ugu dhici kara goobtaas. Mm hmm. Sababtoo ah, waad ogtahay, haddii aad ka hadasho, waxaad garanaysaa waxa aan ahayn waxa aan dhacayn. Haa. Kadibna waxaan haystaa shaqaale odhan doona, si fiican, waxaan rabaa in aan noqdo qandaraasle madax-bannaan sababtoo ah waxaan rabaa dabacsanaantaas.


Waan helay taas. Laakin, waxaad ogtihiin, in dawladda iyo dawladdaba ay ka maqan tahay cashuuro badan, shaqaaluhuna ma helaan gunnooyin ay ku heli lahaayeen haddii kale halkii ay ka ahaan lahaayeen shaqo la’aan xagga shaqada ah. Mm hmm. Markaa waa sababta ay arrintu sidaas u weyn tahay. Waad ogtahay, waxaan ka fekerayaa qeexida koowaad. Oo haddana, waxay iska tuureen imtixaankii 17-ka qodob .


Waxaan u maleynayaa inay ahayd 17, taas oo ka dhigtay mid aad u fudud. Waxaan u maleeyay ama haa ama maya. Sax. Laakiin, waad ogtahay, haddii aad ka fikirto ku-tiirsanaanta dhaqaale, waxay ku bilaabmaysaa nooc bilow ah oo kuu horseedaysa dariiqa go’aanka saxda ah.


Mid ka mid ah shay aan rabay in aan kula soo qaato waa wax aan shakhsi ahaan la halgamay mulkiilaha ganacsiga iyo nooca xiriirka ee fikirkan dadku waxay rabaan inay noqdaan qandaraaslayaal madax-bannaan. Qaar badan oo ka mid ah milkiilayaasha ganacsiga yaryar, waxaan dareemayaa inaan wadaagno sifooyin shakhsiyeed oo isku mid ah. Waxaan u janjeernaa inaan noqonno kuwo aad u madax-bannaan. Waxaan nahay hal abuur, waxaan xallinaa dhibaatooyin badan.


Aad baanu ugu fiicanahay ka shaqaynta iyo kobcinta ganacsi ama mashruuc keligeena. Laakiin waxaan ogahay in kobac badan oo ganacsiyadu ay ku tiirsan yihiin inay keenaan shaqaalaha si ay u ilaaliyaan kobaca ganacsiga. Si kastaba ha ahaatee, qof aniga oo kale ah oo lahaan jiray ganacsiyo ii gaar ah muddo dheer, weligay shakhsi ahaan uma qorin shaqaale ganacsiyadayda.


Oo waxaan u maleynayaa inay jiraan dib-u-celin ku saabsan, si fiican, halkii aan maal gelin lahaa shaqaalaha, waxaan kaliya oo aan samayn karaa naftayda oo dhan. Sax. Taas oo sidoo kale keenta gubasho. Markaa ma kala hadli kartaa taas macaamiishaada dhexdooda, taasi ma duni guud baa mise waa aniga?


Waan ogahay inay tahay dunta guud. Milkiilaha ganacsiga ee wacaya taas, waad ogtahay, mararka qaarkood way adagtahay in la sii daayo ilmahaaga. Tani waa xamaasaddaada, waad ogtahay, waxaana jira hab gaar ah oo aad rabto in lagu sameeyo. Oo haddii aan leeyahay shaqaale ama laba, waad garanaysaa, Ilaahow. Hagaag, way fududahay in aan aniga qudhaydu sameeyo.


Sax. Waa nooc ka mid ah waalidnimada oo kale. Waxaan u sheegi karayay inantayda inay tan sagxada ka soo qaado, laakiin waan ogahay inaanay yeeli doonin oo ay dagaal uun noqon doonto. Markaa si kastaba waan samayn doonaa.


Aniga, waan aqbalay, waad ogtahay, waan dhameeyay, waad ogtahay. Marka, waad ogtahay, waxaan u maleynayaa inay tahay inaad ka fiirsato. Waad ogtahay, laga yaabee inaad shaqaaleysiiso hawl, aad ogtahay, inaadan rabin inaad waqti ku qaadato inaad ku shaqeyso ganacsigaaga. Tusaale ahaan, waad ogtahay, annagu bilawgii bilawgii ganacsigayada tafaariiqda yar, ninkeygu wuxuu yiri, waad ogtahay, waan ogahay inay jiraan dhammaan tababbarkaan oo tani waa kaliya tani waa eexda shakhsi ahaaneed.


Markaa waa go’aan ka baaraan-deg ah dhinaceena. Ninkeygu wuxuu yiri, ma rabo inaan waqtigeyga ka mid ah meheraddan ku bixiyo xisaabin. Mm hmm. Ma rabo inaan sameeyo waxaan isticmaali karaa QuickBooks oo aan u isticmaalo waxyaabo gaar ah, laakiin ma doonayo inaan ku sameeyo mushaharka. Taas waxaan u shaqaaleysiin doonaa la taliyahayga madaxa banaan.


Taasi miyey ii shaqeysaa ? Mm hmm. Markaa, waad ogtahay, runtii in laga fikiro ma aha oo kaliya wadarta guud ee ganacsiga. Waxaa laga yaabaa inay jiraan qaybo ka mid ah oo aadan rabin inaad sameyso, ama laga yaabee inaad leedahay qof maamuleed dhowr maalmood todobaadkii iyo. Yaab, yaab. Haa, waxaan ka fikiray in laga yaabo in aan qof shaqaaleysiiyo si uu u sameeyo qaansheegad.


Waxaa jira adeegyo kuwaas oo ku siinaya waqti dheeraad ah si aad u sameyso waxa aad ogtahay inaad jeceshahay inaad sameyso. Markaa, waad ogtahay, inay ku soo noqotay noocii asalka ahaa ee aan ku bilownay in podcast-ku ay runtii ahayd fahamka ganacsigaaga iyo inaad ka fikirto laakiin waa inaad naftaada ilaalisaa. Haa. Ma jirto sabab aad rabto. Si degdeg ah oo adag ayaad ugu dambayntii uga fogaan doontaa ganacsigaaga haddii aad ku gubto, sax?


Haa halkaas ayaan tagay, taas ayaan sameeyay.


Way adag tahay in dib la isugu keeno laba.


Hagaag, mararka qaarkood dib isuma abaabuli kartid. Mararka qaarkood waa in aad soo jiidataa ripcord iyo. Oo raadi baarashuud. Laakiin waan sameeyaa. Waxaan ogaaday tan iyo masiibada, dhammaan dadka u socda shaqo nooca madax-bannaan ee fog , inay u muuqato waxyaabo badan oo kuwan ah. Oo dhanka kale, waxaan wada saaranahay isla doon ninkaaga.


Ma doonayo in aan ku taabto kaydinta kun tiir cagood . Laakiin waxaa jira dad badan oo ku fiican waxyaalahaas, kuwaas oo raadinaya fursado ay ku shaqeeyaan meel fog. Marka waxaan u maleynayaa inay jirto, waad ogtahay, dib ugu noqoshada wadahadalka qandaraasleyaasha ee madax-bannaan, waxaan u maleynayaa inay jiraan waxyaabo badan oo dhacaya tan iyo masiibada sababtoo ah dadku waa sida, si fiican, waxaan qaban karaa shaqadan keligay oo aan kasbado dakhli madax-bannaan.


Oo waxaan u maleynayaa inay jiraan fursado badan oo taas ah. Taasna waan kala hadlaa, sidoo kale, macaamiishayda, meesha ay ku taal uma baahnid inaad wax walba samayso Haddii ay jiraan waxyaabo aanad si fiican u samayn ama aanad jeclayn samaynta. Waxayna u egtahay waxaad sheegayso inay tahay, waad ogtahay, doorarkaas iyo masuuliyadaha waaweyn ee shaqaalaha ama qandaraaslayaasha madax-banaan ee kuu oggolaanaya inaad sameyso waxa aad jeceshahay inaad sameyso.


Iyo aniga oo kale, waxaan jeclahay la-talinta ganacsiga. Waxaan jeclahay samaynta suuq-geynta iyo naqshadeynta bogga internetka. Miyaan jeclahay dib u heshiisiinta QuickBooks bil kasta? Dhab ahaantii maya. Anigu taas kuma fiicna, kuma raaxaysanayo.



Waan iska daayay ilaa saacadaha habeenka dambe , ka dibna waxaad tahay sida, Allaw, waxaan ahay kaliya. Sidan ayaan u sameeyaa Aad ayaan ugu daalay inaan tan wax ka qabto. Waa waxa ugu dambeeya ee liiskayga ku jira, sax?


Isku mid. Aniguna waad ogtihiin, marka aan gaadho halka ay marayso, waxa aad ogaataa in uu yahay mashruuc habeenimo ah oo aan daalanahay oo ma rabo in aan sameeyo, ugu dambayntiina waan isku qaldaa si aanay u heshiin. . Kadibna waxaan ku dhammeeyaa inaan bixiyo $300 buug-hayaha runtii cajiibka ah ee Saint Peter kaasoo furaya faylkayga QuickBooks.


Markaa waa sida, waa maxay? Maxaa ka jaban in aan tan siiyo qof garanaya waxa uu qabanayo marka hore, ama ay tahay in aan qof bixiyo lacag badan si aan uga saaro qaska aan sameeyay.


Dhab ahaantii. Oo, waad ogtahay, oo dib ugu noqo su’aasha kala-soocidda, waad ogtahay, waxaan u maleynayaa haddii aad taas kaliya ku ilaaliso fikradda fudud, waxaad ogtahay, tani ma ogtahay, miyay dhaqaale ahaan iigu tiirsan yihiin nolol-maalmeedkayga, noloshooda? Ka dibna waa qadarka xakamaynta. Waxaad hadda bixisay dhowr tusaale oo kala duwan oo leh, waad ogtahay, maya, anigu ma aqaano waxba shaqadan ku saabsan.


Ma rabo inaan ogaado. Waad ogtahay, waxaan rabaa inaan siiyo qof kale si uu iigu sameeyo magacayga. Laakiin ma xakamayn doono sida loo sameeyo. Waad ogtahay, kaliya waxaan filayaa adeeg ahaan in loo qabto si ku haboon oo waafaqsan.


Waayahay Taasi waxay caawisaa.


Waad ogtahay, taasi waxay ahayd, mar labaad, dhowr su’aalood oo ka yimid ku tiirsanaanta dhaqaalaha si loo xakameeyo kuwaas oo kaa caawiyay inaad u socoto jihada saxda ah taas. Mm hmm.


Hagaag, taasi runtii waa tan iga caawinaysa inaan maskaxdayda ku fududeeyo, waad ogtahay, qaybta xakamaynta. Laakiin sidoo kale hal shay oo ah in aan macaamiisha kala hadlo ayaa ah ma waxaad u baahan tahay inay u qabtaan adeeg si gaar ah mise waxaad u shaqaaleysiisaa oo kaliya inay qabtaan adeegga? Wax dhib ah kuma laha sida loo sameeyo.


Waxay u samaynayaan sidii ay u yeeli lahaayeen, laakiin waxay ka soo bixi doonaan ujeeddooyinka heshiiskaas oo lagu heshiiyey ka hor inta aan shaqada la qaban.


Dhab ahaantii Taasi waa sax.


Hagaag, waxaan jeclaan lahaa inaan ka hadalno alaabtan maalinta oo dhan. Waxaan ahay nooc ka mid ah nerd, oo waxaan u maleynayaa in Human Resources waa wax aan waayo-aragnimo u soo maray ama la, laakiin in aan ahay anigu ma garan ku filan oo ku saabsan, taas oo ah sababta ay u weyn tahay in markii aan ka jawaabi karin aadanaha. su’aalaha kheyraadka, waxaan kuu soo diri karaa macaamiishayda. Markaa waxay helayaan dhammaan xikmad iyo khibrad.


waa hab fiican oo ay halkan ku leeyihiin kooxdayada la-talinta.


Oh, aniguna sidaas ayaan u malaynayaa. Waxaan leenahay. Haa, waxaan u maleynayaa inaan haysano wax walba. Ganacsi yar ayaa u baahan inuu socdo, waad ogtahay, inuu bilaabo. Waxaan u malaynayaa in aan dhammaan hay’adaha daboolay oo si fiican u daboolay. Oo, waad ogtahay, waxaanu halkan u joognaa inaanu ka caawino ganacsiyada yaryar inay ku guuleystaan dhammaan goobahan kala duwan.


Mm hmm. Haa. ugu fiican Shaqada ugu fiican aduunka, inta aan khuseeyo.


Dhab ahaantii.


Hagaag, aad baad ugu mahadsantahay inaad halkan mar kale timid. Aad ayaan ugu faraxsanahay inaan awoodnay inaan isku xirno oo aan ka hadalno tixgelinnada kheyraadka aadanaha ee cajiibka ah. Oo waxaan rajeynayaa inaan dib kuugu soo celiyo podcast-ka mustaqbalka dhow markaan sameyno quusin qoto dheer.


Hagaag, taasi way fiican tahay, Hannah. Waa farxaddayda.


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Waad ku mahadsan tahay dhegeysiga